Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Tunnel Vision of Geraldine Brooks 2

I was sufficiently intrigued by Geraldine Brooks' Zionist myopia to check her out more fully. For what they're worth, here are a few bits and pieces I came across:

1) Geraldine Doogue interviews Brooks on the ABC's Compass program, 27/4/08 (The interpolations are mine.):

GD: Now you converted to Judaism from Catholicism. Why so?

GB: Well, actually from nothing. I had left Catholicism behind and I'd been cruising along as a merry atheist. And I guess I have to go back to my father. One of his great fascinations and passions in life grew out of the fact that during World War II he served in what was then Palestine. And because he was a passionate socialist leftie, he was of course attracted to the idea of the Kibbutz movement. And so this was very formative for him and this was one of the things that really animated him.

[So here was a bloke who mistook the colonising - think Jewish settlements today - Jews-only kibbutz movement for socialism, and ignored what was really going on in Palestine at the time. Zionist myopia seems to run in the family.]

I remember the first time I ever paid attention to a news story in the paper was during the Six Day War because Dad cared so passionately about all these places that he'd been to. And I remember when I was about 14 or 15 I would ostentatiously haul around these dog-eared copies of The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich. I could recite Yevtushenko's Babi Yar and I started wearing a Star of David. So there was this kind of engagement, I think, with the history of the Jews that remained a kind of interest of mine.

[Obviously, Dad didn't have the wherewithal to distinguish between Judaism and political Zionist triumphalism. Hence young Geraldine's rushing around, fantasising about a second holocaust, while Israel's engaged in its second great land grab (West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem, Golan Heights, Sinai) of the 20th century. Now here we are, 48 years on, with Israeli settlements mushrooming, and there's no evidence that I can find that she's learnt anything new on the subject. Pathetic.]

And then, when I fell in love with a Jewish man [US writer Tony Horwitz], and we were planning to be married, I just couldn't bring myself to be the end of the line for his heritage.

[OMG, is she for real?]

GD: What do you mean?

GB: Well, Judaism is passed through the maternal line - a fact that I've always found engaging for its pragmatism as well as for its feminist implications - but if I had married him and not converted then our children would not be considered Jewish.

GD: Did he care?

GB: He didn't give two hoots! (They both laugh.) But it was just something that I felt that I wanted to do because I didn't want to be another instrument in the shadow of the Shoah, of destroying a Jewish family that had made it through the sack of Jerusalem by the Romans all the way to the end of the 20th century.

[OMFG, she is for real! The Romans FFS!]

2) You'll note the reference to feminism. Brooks is big on feminism, but some, to put it mildly, aren't too impressed. Here's an extract from the Australian-Palestinian novelist Randa Abdel-Fatteh's review of Brooks' 1994 book Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women:

"In perhaps the most astonishing display of veil fetishism in the book, Brooks reflects on her visit to Gaza, where it is as if a brutal military occupation does not exist. The reader is instead regaled with more stories about sexuality and veiling. Brooks says, 'The struggle had changed and so had Gaza. Driving from the huge military roadblock that divides the Gaza Strip from Israel, I hadn't seen a single unveiled woman.' It is astounding that Brooks, a feminist and journalist who purports to be concerned about the situation of Muslim women and human rights abuses, can only summon a comment about the veil in her assessment of her trip to Gaza. Brooks displays no interest in the impact of Israel's occupation on the lives of Palestinian women - the violation of their basic human rights, the impediments that the occupation places on their choices, freedom of movement, and their access to education and health services, as examples. What matters to the classic Orientalist is what Muslim women wear, and that any oppression they suffer must be due to Islam." (Griffith Review)

3) By their tweets ye shall know them: here's one of Brooks' from 18/6:

"Congrats. But please stop releasing balloons, which end up in the ocean killing marine life."

Now while this is a sentiment I agree with, I note that Israel's genocidal war on Gaza last year elicited not a peep/tweet from Brooks. Did she, I wonder, think about the women of Gaza she'd met in the 90s? Too busy dreaming of Davo?

Her retweeting of the following Horwitz tweet, however, is telling - of both:

"Iraq was always 3 nations and should become so again. Kurdistan already set, divide rest between Shiite and Sunni before it's full civil war." (14/6/14)

4) Horwitz, himself, is a little more forthcoming on Gaza. Here's his idea of an appropriate comment on the Gaza massacres:

"My Middle East peace plan. Text everyone to leave and pour sand over the entire region." (29/7/14).

And here's another example of his talent for smartarsery:

"Mideast progress: Miss Lebanon refers to photo-bombing contestant as Miss Israel rather than 'Miss Zionist Entity'" (20/1/15)

Needless to say, The Secret Chord was given the thumbs up in a review in Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald and should sell like the proverbial hotcakes. Alas, such is the way of the world.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Tunnel Vision of Geraldine Brooks 1

Just where on the Zionist dupe spectrum you'd place Australian expat, one-time journalist (SMH & WSJ), convert to Judaism, essayist and fiction writer, Geraldine Brooks, I'm not quite sure. I'll canvass some of the available evidence in my next post.

For now, however, I intend merely to examine two extracts from the promotional essay she's written for her latest novel, The Secret Chord, on the 'life' of the strictly legendary biblical King David.

The first is this:

"In the 1960s, Israel's then leader, David Ben Gurion, granted more than 240ha for this reserve with the idea of recreating an entirely biblical landscape - a facsimile of the land of 'milk and honey' that Joshua found when he led the wandering Hebrews across the Jordan River. But centuries of overgrazing had worn the land down to its rocky ribcage, so topsoil had to be trucked in to support the biblical species such as grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates that now flourish here." (Pilgrim's progress, The Weekend Australian Magazine, 3/10/15)

Now apart from the fact that a) all of those grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates flourished all over Palestine long before Ben-Gurion's backyard blitz and imported topsoil came along, and b) they continue to do so today in the Israeli-occupied West Bank (absent destruction by Israeli settlers, walls, and land-grabs), what strikes me here is Ben-Gurion's capacity for projecting his own Zionist fantasy of a biblical Hebrew Israel onto the contemporary Palestinian landscape - which he, of course, had ethnically cleansed, Joshua-style, of its indigenous Palestinian Arab owners in 1948.

The other thing that strikes me is that Brooks, it seems, has no problem with this - probably because she too appears to be engaged in the business of seeing only what she wants to see and ignoring the rest. Which brings me to this second extract:

"We visit a controversial dig that has uncovered buildings dating from the Davidian period, including one whose size, decoration and location suggest it may well have been associated with a leader of David's stature. But the dig runs under a Palestinian neighbourhood and the residents are angry and suspicious of the tunnelling beneath their homes. They watch, stony-faced, as our group lines up to tour the dig site. I want to see what kind of building might have been fit for a king in 900-and-something BC. The Bible says David built a palace from dressed stone and cedar from the forests of Lebanon, but I'm sceptical: what could they possibly have meant by 'palace' in the Second Iron Age? Turns out they meant... palace. The ruins suggest real opulence, with finely carved stonework and beautiful terraces... I'm glad to be able to put David into rooms such as these, to imagine him as a recognisable king rather than a simple tribal leader."

The ruins, of course, must have had a sign on them: Welcome to Dave's Place!

Of the fact that this tunnelling is taking place in ISRAELI-OCCUPIED Arab East Jerusalem, she speaks not a word.

The Palestinian residents' very real concerns are mentioned only in passing.

Obviously, Brooks has more important things on her mind... like, er, King friggin' David.

Yet what is really going on around her, and under her, the real story, is scrupulously ignored. Here it is:

"These tunnels, like those of Hamas, are being dug under a heavy cloak of secrecy. As with the Hamas tunnels, they serve as a tool for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They are also being dug under the houses of uninvolved civilians. In this case Palestinians. However, while the Hamas tunnels have been described as serving terrorist purposes, these tunnels have been authorized by the Supreme Court of Israel, and all the relevant arms of the state have been mobilized in their support." (From the introduction to Orly Noy's interview with Israeli archaeologist Yonatan Mizrahi, Israel's very own tunnels of dread in Jerusalem, 972mag.com, 6/9/14)

On the subject of current archaeological practice, Mizrahi has this to say:

"Archaeologists have stopped digging tunnels because they understand that this technique does not help in understanding the development of the strata, the context of what one sees - what came before what, what was built over what, what are the connections between them. Actually, in many cases, it makes understanding our finds more difficult."

On archaeological finds at the site:

"On the professional level, it is true that any time you dig you find something. They revealed an ancient water tunnel, a section of a street and other such remains, certainly in the Western Wall Plaza. This is unquestionably an experience for the tourists, but on the level of archaeological research, the information that can be obtained from these excavations is almost worthless."

On the extent of the tunnelling:

"There is digging all the time. There are excavations carried out by the Elad* foundation from the Pool of Siloam to Givati Parking Lot, and actually all the way to the Mughrabi Bridge. It is a never-ending project. The digging goes on all the time, in an attempt to enlarge the underground space."

[*On Elad, see my 6/4/14 post Archaeology with Attitude.]

On the fears of Silwan's Palestinian residents:

"This is indeed the most amazing story. Actually, there are two aspects: one, the very fact of digging under the houses of residents... and then there is also the political aspect, which is much more dangerous than the story of the Hamas tunnels... The inhabitants of Silwan live in a village where Israeli settler activity has been ongoing for 20 years, and then one day they discovered that there had been digging going on underneath them. They always knew they were being 'dug under' in the metaphorical sense, and one day they discovered it was physical, too. And so, they say the most human thing possible, something that Israelis today can perhaps empathize with more: 'We are afraid. Someone is digging under our house. We do not know who is digging, how much, how deep, how this threatens the house, what will happen tomorrow.' They know nothing. They do not know if tomorrow a settler will emerge from under their house and say 'This room is mine'."

On the ultimate purpose of all this Zionist madness:

"I think the ultimate goal of these tunnels is to create an Israeli-Jewish Jerusalem. This is how I understand the excavations: digging under reality, strengthening the national narrative. They understand that the tunnels are a central tool to prevent a political solution in the area of the Historic Basin. For the Elad association, Silwan is the City of David; this is what it has come to do and this is what it is doing, above ground and underground... [Elad] wanted to advance [settler] construction in Silwan, but the Antiquities Authority prevented them from doing so, claiming that one could not build in an archaeological site. This was in the 1990s. Over time the policy changed. So, when the Elad association understood that it couldn't have massive construction here, it joined the Antiquities Authority with the aim of reaching an Israeli consensus through archaeology and the history of the Israeli people."

Of all this, incredibly, Brooks has NOTHING to say.

To be continued...

Sunday, October 4, 2015


"'The Assad regime has been diabolically bad for Syria,' Julie Bishop said at the UN. [...] Indeed so. [...] [W]hich makes Bishop's remarks bizarre. 'However, we're dealing with reality and the fact is we need a political solution.' She went on to say 'the reality is President Assad is still in Syria, the reality is Russia is backing President Assad... We can have some optimism that Russia's involvement is positive' [...]"

So writes Elliott Abrams in No peace in Syria until Assad regime is deposed in The Australian of 1/10/15.

Abrams' appended bio reads:

"Elliott Abrams is a senior fellow for Middle Eastern studies at the Council on Foreign relations in Washington. He served as deputy assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser in the administration of George W. Bush."

How reassuring. The bloke who gave us regime change in Iraq!

As you'd expect from a supporter of Jewish State in the Levant (JSIL), Abrams is big on the Sunni/Shia divide:

"To Sunnis, the Alawite Assad regime is a Shia force backed by Shia militias - sent to kill Sunnis."

He concludes his piece thus:

"The question for us is, do we step back and allow this [mass killing and amazing brutality in Syria] or do we give Syrians the wherewithal to fight for their country? Even now... non-jihadi rebels control parts of the country. They could do better if they had real help instead of the small and embarrassing efforts the US and a few other countries have made. The surest way to keep Islamic State alive and growing is to do a deal with Russia and Iran and keep Assad in power. Under those circumstances it will continue to recruit Sunnis, and its narrative (as well as that of Jabhat al-Nusra... the al-Qa'ida affiliate) will continue to be 'help us, only we are trying to fight for Sunnis.'... [W]e should recognise that Assad is a gift to the worst Sunni terrorist groups. Peace in Syria cannot come while he is in office."

Even now... non-jihadi rebels control parts of the country. Can you spot them by the flowers in their hair?

Abrams has real form.

He's one of the neocon (more correctly, ziocon) brigade (Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith and the rest), who were instrumental in bringing down Iraq's Saddam Hussein in 2003, and dividing the country along sectarian lines.

And didn't that work out well? For Israel (the point of the whole exercise) yes, but Iraqis...

Anyway, let's return to those heady days of shock and awe to see how we got here.

Back then, thanks to Abrams and his mates, the US had a DIRECTION: topple Saddam, empower Iraq's Shiites, and unleash Shia death squads on Iraq's Sunnis.

But guess what? Out of the blue, entirely unforeseen, Shia Iran was in like Flynn! WHOOPS!

Time for a REDIRECTION: Undermine Iran by mobilising Sunni (Wahhabi brand) Saudi Arabia against Iran's allies in Syria (Asaad) and Lebanon (Hezbollah). Great idea - just as long as Saudi-funded, Sunni (Wahhabi brand) jihadis were giving Assad and Nasrallah curry, that is.

But guess what? Out of the blue, entirely unforeseen, OMG! What's this? In Iraq and Syria too! Wahhabi ISIS???!!! SHIT!

Time for another REDIRECTION: Hello, Iran?

OK, got the picture?

Now here's Abrams, as deputy national security adviser, one of the boosters of the DIRECTION and co-author (along with Dick Cheney & Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi national security adviser) of REDIRECTION No. 1, taking issue with our part in REDIRECTION No. 2. What this bozo doesn't seem to realise is that, whether it's Jules or Tanya at the foreign policy helm, we'd follow the US to Hell and back if asked. Hell, even if we weren't asked.

For the full picture, I recommend Seymour Hersh's The Redirection (newyorker.com, 5/3/07)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

James Petras on Jewish Supremacism 3


"The record provides no historical basis for the claims of Jewish Supremacists.

"What has been cited as the disproportionate 'Jewish genius' turns out to be a two-edged sword - demonstrating the best and the worst.

"Claiming a monopoly on high academic achievement must be expanded to owning up to the Jewish authors of the worst financial and foreign policy disasters - they too are 'high achievers'.

"Donations from financial billionaires, all 'geniuses', have financed the war crimes of the Israeli state and made possible the expansion of violent Jewish settlers throughout occupied Palestine - spreading misery and displacement for millions.

"In fairness, the most notorious Jewish swindler in contemporary America was even-handed: 'Bernie' Madoff swindled Jews and Goys. Hollywood moguls and New York philanthropists - he wasn't picky about who he fleeced.

"The latest fashion among Jewish Supremacist 'geneticists' is to extol the discovery of uniquely special 'genes' predisposing Jews to experience the 'holocaust' and even inherit the experience of suffering from long dead ancestors. Such 'scientists' should be careful. As Jazz artist and essayist Gilad Atzmon wryly notes: 'They will put the anti-Semites out of business'.

"Ultimately, Jews, who have assimilated into the greater society or not, who intermarry and who do not, are all products of the social system in which they live and (like everyone else) they are the makers of the roles they decide to play within it.

"In the past, a uniquely disproportionate percentage of Jews chose to fight for universal humanist values - rejecting the notion of a chosen people.

"Today, a disproportionate percentage of educated Jews have chosen to embrace an 'ethno-religious' Supremacist dogma which binds them to an apartheid, militarist state and ideology ready to drag the world into a global war.

"Never forget! Racialist supremacist doctrines led Germany down the blind alley of totalitarianism and world war, in which scores of millions perished.

"Jews, especially young Jews, are increasingly repelled by Israel's crimes against humanity. The next step for them (and us) is to criticize, demystify and stand up to the toxic supremacist ideology linking the powerful domestic Zionist power configuration and its political clones with Israel.

"The root problem is not genetic, it is collective political dementia: a demented ideology that claims a chosen elite can forever dominate and exploit the majority of American people. The time will come when the accumulated disasters will force the American people to push back, unmasking the elite and rejecting its supremacist doctrines. Let us hope that they will act with passion guided by reason." (petras.lahaine.org, 4/9/15)

Friday, October 2, 2015

James Petras on Jewish Supremacism 2

Challenging the Myths of Jewish Supremacists

"There are serious problems regarding the claims of the Jewish Supremacists.

"For centuries Jewish 'wisdom' was confined to textual exegesis of religious dogma - texts full of superstition and social control, as well as blind intolerance, and which produced neither reasoned arguments nor contributed to scientific and human advancement.

"Jewish scholarship of note occurred among thinkers like Spinoza who revolted against the Jewish ghetto gatekeepers and rejected Jewish dogma.

"Notable scientists emerged in the context of working and studying with non-Jews in non-Jewish institutions - the universities and centers of learning in the West. The majority of world-renowned Jewish scholars integrated and contributed to predominantly non-Jewish (Muslim and Christian) and secular institutions of higher learning.

"Historically, highly talented individuals of Jewish origin succeeded by renouncing the constraints of everyday Jewish life, rabbinical overseers and Jewish institutions. Most contemporary prestigious scientists, including the frequently cited Nobel Prize winners, have little or nothing to do with Judaism and their contributions have everything to do with the highly secular, integrated culture in which they prospered intellectually - despite expressions of crude anti-Semitism in the larger society.

"Secondly, Jewish Supremacists persist in claiming 'racial credit' for the achievements of individuals who have publicly renounced, denounced and distanced themselves from Judaism and have dismissed any notion of Israel as their spiritual homeland. Their universal prestige has prevented them from being labeled apostate or 'self-hating'. Albert Einstein, often cited by the Supremacists as the supreme example of 'Jewish genius', denounced Israel's war crimes and showed disdain for any tribal identity. In their era, Marx and Trotsky, like the vast majority of emancipated European Jews, given the chance, became engaged in universalistic organizations, attacking the entire notion that Jews were a 'special people' chosen by divine authority (or by the latter-day Zionists).

"Thirdly, Supremacists compile a very selective list of virtuous Jews, while omitting areas of life and activity where Jews have disproportionately played a negative and destructive role.

"After all, is it Jewish 'genius' that makes Israel a leading exporter of arms, intrusive, high-tech spy systems and sends military and paramilitary advisers and torturers to work with death-squad regimes in Africa and Latin America?

"Among the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize are three Israeli Prime Ministers who waged wars of ethnic cleansing against millions of Palestinians and expanded racist 'Jews only' settlements throughout the occupied Palestinian territories. These include Menachem Begin (notorious career bomber and terrorist), Yitzhak Rabin (a militarist who was assassinated by an even more racist, Jewish terrorist), and Shimon Peres. Among Jewish-American Nobel 'peaceniks' is Henry Kissinger who oversaw the brutal and illegal US war in Indo-China, causing 4 million Vietnamese deaths; who wrote the 'template for regime change' by overthrowing the democratically elected government of Chilean President Allende and condemned Chile to decades of police state terror; and who supported Indonesia's destruction of East Timor.

"In other words, these Nobel recipients, who Supremacists cite as 'examples of Jewish Supremacy', have sown terror and injustice on countless captive peoples and nations - giving the Nobel Peace Prize a dubious distinction.

"Among the greatest billion dollar swindlers in recent US history we'd find a disproportionate percentage of American Jews - curiously not mentioned by the Supremacists in their usual litany: Bernard Madoff pillaged over $50 billion from his clients, Ivan Boesky, Michael Milken and Marc Rich are well-known names, adding the distinction of 'Jewish genius' to a list of financial mega-felons.

"Among the less respectable notables whose material successes have been tarnished by personal weaknesses, we have the billionaire and pedophile pimp, Jeffry Epstein; IMF President, rapist and debaucher, Dominic Strauss Kahn; entrepreneur and 'nudist' Dov Charney; New York Governor and 'repeat customer, Elliot Spitzer; Congressman and exhibitionist Anthony Weiner; and the fun-loving sports impresario who brought down FIFA, the piratical Chuck Blazer. Curiously, none of these extraordinarily successful notables have been cited as examples of Jewish Supremacy.

"As we contemplate the millions of war refugees driven from the Near East and North Africa, we should credit the role of US neo-liberal and neo-conservative ideologues and policymakers - a disproportionate percentage of whom are Jews. Millions of Chilean workers suffered as Milton Friedman and his Chicago Boys 'advised' Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet on dismantling the welfare state (even if it required the murder of trade unionists!). Ayn Rand (Alyssa Rosenbaum) and her fanatical free market epigones have savaged all progressive social legislation and turned the most retrograde forms of selfishness into a religion of 'superiority'!

"The disastrous US war against Iraq was largely organized, promoted and justified by a disproportionate percentage of US Jews (Zionists), including leading policymakers in the Bush and Obama administrations - Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Elliott Abrams, Dennis Ross, Martyn Indyk, David Frum, Shulsky, Levey, Cohen, Rahm Emanuel etc. They continue to push for war against Iran and should be seen as the 'godfathers' of the tragedies of Iraq, Syria and Libya from which millions have fled.

"The biggest financial crisis since the great depression was largely due to the financial policies of Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan. The trillion dollar bailout of Wall Street by Ben Shalom Bernacke and Stanley Fischer, while Janet Yellen ignored the plight of millions of Americans who lost their homes because of mortgage foreclosures.

"In sum, Jewish Supremacists should proudly take credit for the American Jews who have been disproportionately responsible for the largest economic and foreign policy failures of the contemporary period - including the horrific suffering these have entailed! 

"Back in the more normal world of crime, Russian-Jewish mobsters dominate or share supremacy with the Italian Mafia in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and scores of cities in between. They display their unique genius at extortion and murder - knowing they can always find safe haven in the 'Promised Land'!

"On the cultural front, the finest Jewish writers, artists, musicians and scientists have emerged outside of Israel. A few may have immigrated to the Jewish state, but many other intellectuals and artists of note have chosen to leave Israel, repelled by the racist, intolerant and repressive apartheid state and society promoted by Jewish Supremacists."

To be continued...

Thursday, October 1, 2015

James Petras on Jewish Supremacism 1

Is there anyone so wise to the ways of the world as James Petras? Rhetorical question.

Here's Part 1 of my 3-part serialisation of one of his most recent essays, The Doctrine of 'Superior People': The Bond Between Israel & World Zionism. Forget the claret, it's the clarity you need:


"The single greatest feat of Israel and its overseas missions has not been material success, or the military conquest of millions of unarmed Palestinians, it has been ideological - the widespread acceptance in the US of a doctrine that claims 'Jews are a superior people'.

"Apart from small, extremist rightwing sects who exhibit visceral anti-Semitism and denigrate everything Jewish, there are very few academics and politicians willing to question this supremacist doctrine. On the contrary, there is an incurable tendency to advance oneself by accepting and embellishing on it.

"For example, in August 2015, US Vice-president Joe Biden attributed 'special genius' to Jews, slavish flattery that embarrassed even New York's liberal Jewish intellectuals.

"Israel's dominant role in formulating US Middle East policy is largely a product of its success at recruiting, socializing and motivating overseas Jews to act as an organized force to intervene in US politics and push Israel's agenda.

"What motivates American Jews, who have been raised and educated in the US, to serve Israel? After all, these are individuals who prospered, achieved high status and occupy the highest positions of prestige and responsibility. Why should they parrot the policies of Israel and follow the dictates of Israeli leaders (a foreign regime), serving its violent colonial, racist agenda?

"What binds a minority of highly educated and privileged Jews to the most rabidly rightwing Israeli regime in history - a relationship they actually celebrate?

"What turns comfortable, prosperous American Jews into vindictive bullies, willing and able to blackmail, threaten and punish any dissident voices among their Gentile and Jewish compatriots who have dared to criticize Israel?

"What prevents many intelligent, liberal and progressive Jews from openly questioning Israel's agenda, and especially confronting the role of Zionist zealots who serve as tel Aviv's fifth column against the interest of the United states?

"There are numerous historical and personal factors that can and should be taken into account to understand this phenomenon. In this essay, I am going to focus on one - the ideology that 'Jews are a superior people'. The notion that Jews, either through some genetic, biologic, cultural, historical, familial and/or upbringing, have special qualities allowing them to achieve at a uniquely higher level than the 'inferior' non-Jews. We will proceed by sketching the main outline of the Jewish supremacist ideology and then advance our critique.

"We will conclude by evaluating the negative consequences of this ideology and propose a democratic alternative.

Jewish Supremacism

"Exponents of Jewish Supremacism (JS) frequently cite the prestigious awards, worldly successes and high honors, which, they emphasize, have been disproportionately achieved by Jews.

"The argument goes: While Jews represent less than 0.2% of the world population, they have produced 24% of the US Nobel Prize winners; over 30% of the Ivy League professors and students; and the majority of major US film, stage and TV producers.

"They cite the 'disproportionate number' of scientists, leading doctors, lawyers and billionaires.

"They cite past geniuses like Einstein, Freud and Marx.

"They point to the founders of the world's great monotheistic religions - Moses and Abraham.

"They lay claim to a unique learning tradition embedded in centuries of Talmudic scholarship.

"Jewish supremacists never miss a chance to cite the 'Jewish background' of any highly accomplished contemporary public figure in the entertainment, publishing, financial fields, or any other sectors of life in the US.

"Disproportionately great accomplishments by a disproportionate minority has become the mantra for heralding a self-styled 'meritocratic elite'... and for justifying its disproportionate wealth, power and privilege - and influence.

To be continued...

Monday, September 28, 2015

Israelly Home

Christopher Pyne's memoir, A Letter to My Children, was most insightfully reviewed in Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald by Gerard Windsor:

"How self analytical can a serving politician be? After all, he lives in a world of spin, evasion and equivocation. Yet Christopher Pyne says he wants to reveal at least his professional self to his children; they they deserve an explanation from such an absent father...

"The one word never mentioned is 'power', whereas the implicit message of the text is that he loves the power employed and achieved in the political process.. There is one little giveaway word - 'turn'. Everyone - Pyne, Wilson [the MP unseated by Pyne in a preselection challenge], the preselectors - is using it: 'Wait your turn... It's my turn now... You've had your turn'. This is children's talk - licking the wooden spoon, nursing the new kitten. This is not the only disjunct between what is said and a contrary implication in the choice of stories and language. In fact, this book is a great subject for textual analysis. Pyne says various experiences have made him humble, but every anecdote he tells has himself winning out, having the last word, trumping someone else not so witty or politically astute. This is vanity, not humility. And omissions are at least as interesting as inclusions. For example, Pyne tells us he has visited Israel at least seven times, and that 'Israelis are a lot like us'. The word Palestinian does not occur." (Pining for more questions and answers, 26/9/15)

Puts a whole new construction on the term 'absent father', eh?