Thursday, July 31, 2014

Moir: The Herald's Gift to Israel

Moir's cartoon in today's Sydney Morning Herald is an utter disgrace.

It pushes the standard Zionist propaganda line about Palestinian 'militants' using Palestinian civilians as human shields, with a Hamas fighter aiming an RPG from behind a baby carriage at an incoming missile fired from an Israeli helicopter. Both the Hamas fighter and the helicopter are screaming 'COWARD!' at each other. The piece is irrelevantly titled 'WINNING HEARTS AND MINDS'.

Moir's cartoon of July 16, where he had Israeli shells and Palestinian rockets criss-crossing the sky with each saying 'AN EYE FOR AN EYE', was almost as bad, misrepresenting Israel's latest genocidal rampage as some kind of biblical feud between equals.

Moir's faux balancing act betrays him for what he really is: just another ignorant, both-as-bad-as-each-other, hack at best, a clueless cog in Israel's propaganda mill at worst.

In case you think I'm being too harsh here, merely contemplate the bloody murder so graphically depicted in the half-page photograph of the Gaza holocaust on the front cover of today's Herald, and tell me if you see any balance there.

Those interested might like to read about Moir's pathetic grovel to the Israel lobby, which followed a comparison he drew back in 2003 between the Warsaw Ghetto and Israel's West Bank wall, cited in my 24/1/08 post We Remember Warsaw. It's been all down hill since then.

Thank God for Fairfax cartoonists Glen LeLievre and Michael Leunig.

Palestine/Israel for the Complete Fucking Idiot

On the subject of the Palestine/Israel conflict, I always operate on a few basic assumptions:

1) That this near 100-year-old (1917-2014) conflict has been around sufficiently long enough for people to have no excuse whatever for not 'getting' it.

2) That, if it is not already abundantly obvious, from, say, the widespread use of the term 'Israeli settlers', that we are dealing here with a genocidal, settler-colonial/apartheid problem - ie colonisers/ colonised, land thieves/dispossessed - a little honest inquiry (as in reading one or two reputable books) on the part of anyone with half a brain would clarify the matter.

3) That common decency demands support for the colonised, not the coloniser.

4) And lastly, that if you've been living under a rock all your life, and know nothing about the issue, then opening your mouth on it is only going to expose you for the ignoramus you are.

Why am I spelling this out now? Because it was painfully obvious, after watching Monday night's Q & A, which led with questions on Israel's latest bloodletting in Gaza, that none of the panelists had a clue what the conflict was really all about:

Senator Barnaby Joyce (NP):

"... if they haven't sorted it out in the last 4,000 years I don't think we're going to do it at Senate Estimates..."

Wrong, of course. Palestine's travails date back to 1917 when the British (who had no right to do so) promised Palestine (which belonged to the Arabs who were living there at the time) to a bunch of European Jews (who had no right whatsoever to it - then or now). Prior to 1917 there was no Palestine problem until Britain created one.

"If you want to start picking who started the fight in the pub, you will always come unstuck."

Pub brawls may be the cultural highlight of Barnaby's patch, but they have SWFA to do with settler-colonial situations.

Mark Butler (ALP) Shadow Minister for Environment & Climate Change:

"... as someone who has watched this area for many, many years, who has placed a lot of faith in the Israeli Left's capacity to drive internal pressure for the peace process..."

Butler's having us all on. If he's really been holding a candle for what he calls the 'Israeli Left' all these years, then he knows SWFA about Zionist colonialism and apartheid. Did his kind spend any time in the 80s looking for Afrikaaner apartheid's left wing? Rhetorical question, of course.

Louise Adler, publisher:

"It was a platitude to say there's sort of justice on both sides. I find it very hard."

Settler-colonialism doesn't work that way. It's inherently genocidal, and hence unjust by definition. The Palestinians are absolutely the blameless victims of Britain's imposition on them of a fanatical, exclusivist, European colonising movement.

David Suchet, actor (Hercule Poirot):

"... political debates about who owns what piece of land and it breaks my heart... fighting and killing and shooting weapons at each other..."

Well, what can I say? I see no evidence here of Poirot's "little grey cells" in action.

Madonna King, journalist & author:

"Yeah, what he said really. I mean, I think, yeah... there is wrong on both sides and I wouldn't have a clue where you start with that..."


MERC's Dictionary of Ziospeak 6 & 7

murderous terrorist organisation that aspires to our destruction*: Palestinian resistance organisation

[*Netanyahu, quoted in PM defiant as Israel's toll rises, John Lyons, The Australian., 30/7/14]

errant militant shell (as in: "Israel claimed the [hospital] compound was also hit by an errant militant shell."*): an Israeli shell which kills Palestinian civilians but is in denial


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Deconstructing the Carlton/LeLievre Backlash 2

Hm... is this the mysterious Dr John Nemesh who moonlights as a poster boy for the BDS bashers? (See my posts In the Dead of Night (29/9/11) and In the Dead of Night 2 (13/11/11)):

"Mike Carlton's ire at Israel's supposed fascism would have carried more weight if had he also reminded readers that Hamas is a Islamic Fascist Palestinian movement linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, which denies Jews any right to the very self-determination the Palestinians themselves seek."  (Letter, John Nemesh, Gymea, Sydney Morning Herald, 28/7/14)

Israel's "supposed fascism"? If Israel isn't fascist, it certainly does a damned good imitation:

"A mob of Jewish youths bashed two Palestinians at a tram stop in Jerusalem over the weekend, reportedly with iron bars and baseball bats, until they were unconscious. Meanwhile, a leading Israeli academic has caused a controversy by saying the sisters and mothers of Hamas leaders should be raped." (Israel pulls Gaza ceasefire, John Lyons, The Australian, 28/7/14)

"The UN Security Council also called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire as a poll in Israel found 87% support for the war to continue." (Obama, UN demand ceasefire, John Lyons, The Australian, 29/7/14)

MERC's Dictionary of Ziospeak 5

combat zone (as in "... the IDF said: 'The IDF has repeatedly called out to the civilian population of Gaza not to approach combat zones.' Palestinians say that given how densely populated the strip is - 1.8m people in 365 sq km - everywhere is in fact a combat zone." Israel pulls Gaza ceasefire offer, John Lyons, The Australian, 28/7/14): everywhere

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


In our thousands, In our millions, We are all Palestinians


Melbourne: 6pm, Friday, August 1, State Library

Sydney: 1pm, Sunday, August 3, Sydney Town Hall

Brisbane: 5.30pm, Friday, August 1, King George Square

Perth: 12pm, Saturday, August 2, Murray St Mall

Canberra: 1pm, Saturday, August 2, Petrie Plaza


From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free

Ignoring/Misreporting Sydney's Mass Gaza Rallies

The lack of ms media coverage of Sydney's July rallies for Gaza - three so far, on consecutive Sundays (13/20/27), with a 4th to come this Sunday (3/8) - has been shameful.

Huge numbers of people have attended these rallies, with the organisers - Sydney's Palestine Action Group - conservatively estimating an attendance figure of around 5,000 (for 21/7) on its FB page.

Here's the Fairfax/Murdoch breakdown:

Sydney Morning Herald:
14/7: 0
21/7: A postage stamp piece with on an estimate of "more than 4000 people" in attendance. (Youngsters rally against Israel)
28/7: A small photograph buried inside another article (Alhadeff defiant on Gaza email) on p 6.

The Australian:

14/7: 0
21/7: 0
28/7: 0

Other Murdoch outlets, both print & web-based:

14/7: 0
21/7: "... a crowd of more than 2000..." (Sydney rally against deaths in Gaza, AAP, 20/7)
28/7: "About 500 people are marching..." (Sydney rally slams Gaza silence, AAP, 27/7)

While Fairfax is missing in action, Murdoch, typically, lies through its teeth (2000/500).