Saturday, February 13, 2016

Einstein's Other Discovery

Einstein scores:

"Scientists have for the first time observed elusive gravitational waves - tiny ripples in the fabric of space-time caused by violent astronomical events. The discovery, announced overnight in Washington DC, confirms the last outstanding prediction made by Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity." (Einstein was proven right, 100 years on, Marcus Strom, Sydney Morning Herald, 12/2/16)

Now you don't have to be an Einstein to reach the following conclusion, but here it is from the horse's mouth anyway:

"We had great hopes for Israel at first. We thought it might be better than other nations, but it is no better." (Einstein's Last Media Statement, New York Post, 12/3/55)

That was in 1955.

You can imagine Einstein's 'Last Media Statement' today:

'We once had great hopes for Israel. Then we used to console ourselves with the thought that at least it was better than apartheid South Africa. But not anymore. It is no better - in fact, it's worse, far worse.'

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Bodies in the Basement

Now here's a hardworking Labor man who's clearly had enough and just won't take it anymore:

"West Australian Labor senator Glenn Sterle has accused the party's NSW branch of trying to introduce an indefensible 'back-door ban' on MP visits to Israel by mandating a 'ludicrous and deeply insulting' condition that half the trip be spent in the Palestinian territories. Senator Sterle said the push was really an attempt to render sponsored trips to Israel unviable by increasing travel costs, and amounted to an admission that Israel was seen only within the context of the ongoing Middle East conflict. 'The idea is to learn about the country, not merely the conflict in which it is involved,' he told The Australian. 'To saddle participants with an arbitrary requirement that they cut their time in half would make it almost impossible to learn anything worthwhile...' Former Labor foreign minister... Bob Carr has backed a system under which MPs would be 'obliged to spend an equivalent time ' inspecting the conditions of Palestinians on trips to Israel. Mr Carr said opponents of this plan did not want MPs to see 'the conditions that apply to Arab residents of the West Bank' who were 'living under an Israeli occupation that has lasted 49 years.' Senator Sterle - who has been on six sponsored visits to Israel - slammed Mr Carr's comments, accusing him of implying that MPs lacked the 'intelligence and integrity' to make a 'proper assessment' of what they were shown and told..." (ALP's 'backdoor ban' on Israel, Joe Kelly, The Australian, 11/2/16)

Look, I can see Glenn's point. When you go to Bibi's place - and who can resist an invite, or two, or three, or four, or five, or six, to Bibi's, right? - you're going for a good time. You're not going for the bodies in the basement, dammit.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Palestinian-Proof Fence

The Ziomind at work:

"Israel's prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has announced his intention to 'surround all of Israel with a fence' to protect the country from infiltration by both Palestinians and the citizens of surrounding Arab states, whom he described as 'wild beasts'." (Netanyahu plans fence around Israel to protect it from 'wild beasts', Peter Beaumont,, 10/2/16)

Looks like Ted Cruz's 'fence' will just have to wait.

Border? What Border?

This puts a whole new complexion on Frank Sinatra's old song, 'South of the border, down Mexico way':

"After his evangelical-fuelled victory in the Midwest, Senator Ted Cruz faces losing momentum in a primary typically swayed by less ideological voters. Yet he backed away from a chance to repeat his criticism that Mr Trump lacks the proper temperament and judgment to serve in the White House. 'I think that is an assessment the voters are going to make.' He also tipped his hat to the real-estate mogul's clarion call for a wall along the entire southern border, saying 'I've got somebody in mind to build it'." (Republicans turn attack on rising Rubio, The Wall Street Journal/The Australian, 8/2/16)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Scoop: Temple Mount Now Holy to Christians

Now here's a newie:

"The latest wave of violence was sparked last October by unsubstantiated rumours that Israel intended to exert control over the Noble Sanctuary precinct of the Old City, revered by Muslims. Containing the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque, it tops what is known to Jews and Christians as Temple Mount, and is holy to them, too." (Israel's Arab MPs warned of expulsion, Jamie Walker, The Australian, 6/2/16)

So, in addition to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Christans now want a slice of the Haram ash-Sharif.

As I always say: Only in The Australian...

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sow Confusion

The subject of the following report - an email sent to Fairfax Media - has Mossad PSYOP written all over it. Note the highlighted items:

"An international hacking gang who claim to be behind some of the hoax bomb threats at Australian schools claim they are about to attack again. On every school day since Friday, dozens of schools across the country have been evacuated after receiving similar computerised phone messages warning of a device on school grounds.

"A group calling themselves Evacuation Squad have claimed responsibility for some of the attacks, and say they are just about to launch more. However, they also claim some attacks in Australia have been the work of copycats. 'In fact we just hit several Sydney schools today, and we are going to hit various cities in Perth,' a spokesman for the group calling himself Viktor Olyavich told Fairfax Media by email. 'I don't think we're cowards. What would constitute that? Just for making threats? That is silly.' Fairfax Media has not been able to confirm Evacuation Squad's claims. Since his email on Thursday morning, schools in Adelaide and Sydney have been evacuated due to bomb threats.

"Mr Olyavich said the group had previously focused on the US, UK, Norway, Britain, France, Japan and Sweden. He said one member had a 'particular bias' for attacking schools in Massachusetts because he lived there before returning home to Iran. He claimed responsibility for Monday's attacks across NSW, Victoria and Queensland, but said a copycat was behind calls made on Tuesday and Wednesday. 'We are responsible for Monday's threats in Sydney, but we are not exactly sure who is behind the other threats. He said the calls would continue 'for as long as possible' and Australia was being targeted because 'it is an ally of the US and Britain.' The group has publicly offered to shut down schools in exchange for bitcoin payments. Mr Olyavich claimed the Australian attacks were requested by local students." (School bomb hoaxers say they will strike again, Liam Mannix & Rachel Olding, Sydney Morning Herald, 5/2/16)

For those interested in such matters see also Unmasking a troll: Aussie 'jihadist' Australi Witness a 20-year-old American nerd, Elise Potaka & Luke McMahon, Sydney Morning Herald, 12/9/15

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Beattie's Obsession with Israel

"Mr Beattie described a proposed ban on politicians travelling to Israel on trips funded by Jewish organisations as an 'extreme view' counter-productive to a two-state solution, which he supports. It smacks of [a] single-minded obsession with Israel. This is becoming an obsession and I don't think that's healthy politically,' Mr Beattie said." (Beattie blasts ALP's 'Stalinist' stance on Israel, Sharri Markson, The Australian, 4/2/16)

A single-minded obsession with Israel? Beattie should know:

"A Queensland-based Corporate Research Centre for software company SAP has become the primary IT solutions provider for the Israeli Government. Under the contract Queensland centre staff would collaborate with SAP Portals in Israel to develop software for SAP's global customers. Queensland Premier Peter Beattie congratulated the centre, saying 'A contract of this size is a tremendous coup for SAP and a glowing endorsement of SAP Australia's decision to choose the Smart State as the base for this Corporate Research Centre in 2001. I am told the Brisbane centre has quickly grown in status to become one of the major contributors to SAP'a global research arm,' Beattie said." (QLD provides IT solution for Israel,, 25/3/04)

"A new drive by small and medium size exporters is beginning to impact on one of Australia's curious trading anomalies: our relatively modest export sales to Israel... But fresh enthusiasm is emerging for sales to Israel, driven partly by friendly rivalry between Queensland and Victoria for a greater slice of the export pie. Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie, has declared he wants his state to become the major focus of Australian business with Israel..." (Israel export, Joe Parkes,, 1/2/06)

That was then. How about now?

Seems his single-minded obsession with the apartheid state has only grown:

"In her second Sydney appearance, ex MK Einat Wilf shared a platform with past Queensland Premier Peter Beattie before an audience of Labor and union stalwarts at Trades Hall. The two former Labor parliamentarians appeared together to launch the Australia-Israel Labor Dialogue, a new organisation which aims to foster dialogue and fraternal links between the Australian and Israeli Labor parties... Beattie argued for a future of creative partnership with Israel which he cited as the world's best model of the innovative high-tech based entrepreneurial spirit that he had hoped to foster with his 'Smart State' reforms while Premier of Queensland. In his speech Beattie gave pride of place to 'six perspectives to appeal to a new generation of Labor moderates' from a widely circulated recent article 'Labor must not turn its back on Israel' by former Union NSW Secretary, Michael Easson." (Australia-Israel Labor Dialogue launched,, 18/2/15)

So what, pray, are these 6 "perspectives" which have been widely circulated among Labor moderates? Here's number one:

"The single greatest reason for continuing Israel-Palestine conflict remains Jew-hatred within Palestinian society. Until Palestinians find their Mandela moment, this long, tragic conflict will continue. In slogans on every public wall in Gaza and in much of the West Bank, in Arabic-language television shows, in Palestinian school classes, there is incitement to kill Jews as Jews not just Israelis. How can there be real peace in that atmosphere?"

The Palestine/Israel conflict is a colonial conflict, the natural and inevitable outcome of a British attempt (1917-48) to impose a European settler-colonial movement, Zionism, on an unwilling indigenous people. It has nothing whatever to do with Jews as such. The simple truth is that even if the colonists had been Buddhists, we'd have had the same outcome.

If perspective 1 is fundamentally flawed, why bother with the rest? That Beattie is prepared to swear by Easson's poppycock speaks volumes about him.

Beattie+Easson=Grin & Spin