Friday, August 1, 2008

Broken Promises

To collar the Olympics in 2001, China promised to allow complete media freedom. It has now reneged on that promise. These two editorialists are rightly indignant:-

"Was a nation that tortures Falun Gong proponents ever going to honour its promises and allow its people uncensored access to the BBC and CNN, even for a fortnight?" (Chinese checkmate: totalitarianism is challenging the Olympic spirit, The Australian, 1/8/08)

"Worse than its arrogance, however, is China's deceitfulness, after repeatedly promising complete media freedom during the Games." (Great firewall of China, The Sydney Morning Herald, 1/8/08)

To collar UN membership* in 1949, Israel promised to implement UNGA resolution 194 (III) of 11/12/48, which calls for the repatriation and compensation of Palestinian refugees expelled from their homes and lands by Zionist forces in 1948. These refugees, now in their millions, have been waiting for over 6 decades for Israel to implement resolution 194.

[*UNGA resolution 273, para 5: "Recalling its resolutions of 29/11/47 and 11/12/48 and taking note of the declarations and explanations made by the representative of the Government of Israel before the Ad Hoc Political Committee in respect of the implementation of the said resolutions."]

Can you imagine the same indignation from the same two editorialists on Israel's failure to keep its promises:-

Was a nation that ethnically cleansed the indigenous Palestinian population ever going to honour its promises to allow them to return?

Worse than its arrogance, however, is Israel's deceitfulness, after repeatedly promising to implement resolution 194.

Silly question.

Postscript: The Chinese government has reportedly (The Age, 2/8/08) "bowed to international condemnation of its media censorship and opened up numerous internet sites it had previously blocked." Israel continues to bow to nothing and no one.

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