Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Ross Gittins, the Sydney Morning Herald's economics editor on Julia (Desperately Seeking Government) Gillard:

"Voters work on instincts and impressions, not rational analysis. They can smell a politician who puts self-preservation ahead of the national interest. They can smell it even when they're not sure they fancy the measures needed to advance the national interest. And they're never impressed. But Labor's loss of principles extends beyond its loss of core belief in the need for reform. It also involves standards of acceptable behaviour in public life. It's now clear many voters were repelled by Labor's ruthless treatment of Rudd, and by Gillard's part in it despite all her protestations of loyalty. No policy reform principles and no personal principles turned out to be a deadly combination. Gillard stands revealed as little more than a careerist. Such people never endear themselves to the electorate." (Voters censure Labor's lack of principles, 23/8/10)

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Anonymous said...

This loss of principles parallels the control lobbyists have over the parties...their money ensures the most corrupt and devious will gain favor and seats and rise in power hierarchy ; and the virtuous will be ousted.Thats what happened in the US...eg Cynthia McKinney was ousted by the zionist lobby.
The Greens need to be aware of the devious power of the lobbies and make sure THEY have no influence over them