Thursday, January 17, 2008

Believe Nothing

January 08: The Strait of Hormuz. Innocent American warships just minding their own business buzzed by provocative Iranian speedboats from which emanates sinister voice warning of impending doom?

Nah! Just the Pentagon getting creative. You can read all about it in How the Pentagon Planted a False Story by Gareth Porter, Inter Press Service 16/1/08.

But what about this little scenario?:

September 07: Dayr az-Zawr, Syria. Daring Israeli commandos snatch nuclear material dripping with North Korean fingerprints from under noses of (presumably somnolent) Syrian/North Korean guards at Syrian/North Korean nuclear installation?

Nah! Just the same (?) US officials getting creative.

This little fable first appeared in Murdoch 's UK The Sunday Times and was immediately taken up by The Australian's man in Jerusalem, Abraham Rabinovich in 'N Korea samples' at Syrian nuke site, 24/9/07. You can read all about it in Shooting Blanks by John Dagge at

PS: I can't resist tacking on the final paragraph of Rabinovich's fable, sorry, story: "In another incident on Thursday, Israeli fighter jets were dispatched to the northern Golan Heights, along the border with Syria, when 'suspicious activity' was reported in the area. It was discovered later that the objects in the air were migrating birds."

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