Monday, November 17, 2008

Rambam Alert!

Rambam (v): To be sponsored by smooth-talking Israel lobbyists in Australia on a grooming session by tough-talking PR people in Israel with a view to the sponsored adopting the missionary position for Israel when required in Australia. Usually said of Australian politicians, media hacks and other serviceable community misleaders.

Rambam Fellowship, Journalists Mission etc: Formal designations given to the process of Rambamming. (From MERC's Dictionary of Zionist Discourse)

[See my earlier posts on rambamming: Ram Bam Thankyou Ma'am (19/2/08) & Rambammed (23/2/08)]

"At its luncheon club held on October 29, the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies farewelled 4 journalists who will participate in an Israel mission designed specifically for Australian journalists. Paul Sheehan [Sydney Morning Herald columnist], Jacinta Tynan [Sky News Australia & Sunday Telegraph columnist], Janet Albrechtsen [The Australian columnist] and Peter Charley [SBS Dateline EP] will depart for Israel on November 13." (Journalists farewelled, The Australian Jewish News, 14/11/08)


Anonymous said...

Will we see a message at the end of their stories,"the trip was sponsored by the usual suspects"?

Anonymous said...


Sounds painful.