Sunday, January 25, 2009

Israeli Destruction Forces

A leaflet distributed at Sydney's Stop the War on Gaza rally, Sunday 18 January:-

IDF (Israeli Destruction Forces) Demolitions & Excavations

"Our results speak for themselves."

For all your demolition needs...

Above ground/under ground
Day jobs/ night jobs
With civilians/ without civilians
Latest equipment used

Apartment blocks - Bridges - Farms - Hospitals - Homes
Infrastructure - Places of worship - Ports - Schools

No need for 'Council' approval.

We WILL COME to you!

If we don't, call one of our international representatives: Australia - Kevin Rudd; UK - Gordon Brown; US - George Bush or Barack Obama; or one of our regional offices across the Arab world.

And if IDF Demolitions & Excavations had issued a quote prior to carrying out their 'work': "Preliminary estimates of the cost of rebuilding from Israel's devastating military offensive top $1.6 billion, according to Western diplomats. But they said a full accounting of the damage had yet to begin and would take weeks to complete." (Cost estimates of Gaza war recovery top $1.6 billion, Adam Entous, Reuters/, 17/1/09)


Anonymous said...

perhaps it's time to recognize the reason there is little support for the Palestinians [ apart for the usual left wing ratbags who don't mean much any way] is because most intelligent people which includes the leaders of Germany, Uk, USA and Australia expect that when you fire missiles across your border even if you hide underneath the skirts of your woman the people you are firing on will fire back..not necessary with the same weapons but with bigger missiles..

Anonymous said...

And if you're locked up in a concentration camp, put on a starvation diet, and picked off periodically by your concentration camp guards, what do you do then?


Anonymous said...

If you bothered to read the news you will find the Israelis left Gaza in 2005 and before you go and on and on about why is there a block aid because the idiots are still firing rockets and still trying to send their woman and children in to tel Av iv as human bombs.. Palestinains are addicted to violence look at what they are doing to each other,,, try and keep up with events and stop repeating the same old same old.. you can keep doing that until kingdom cum as long until the Palestinian become un addicted to violence they will still be the subject of justifiable retaliation by the Israelis.

Th cart before the horse Palestinian stop their violence and Israeli will stop their retaliation , end the siege and if the Palestinians are good they will even remove the Security barrier which has reduced Israeli { both Arab and Jew] deaths by up to 90 % isn' t that worth the inconvenience to a few Palestinians?

Anonymous said...

Apart from the absence of logic, the spelling and syntax probably tell us enough about Anon above.