Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Suckholes for Zion

"The best-laid plans of mice and men/ often go awry":-

"Foreign editor of The Australian Greg [Jerusalem Prize] Sheridan was supposed to be keynote speaker at the [Jewish National Fund's] AGM, but pulled out at the last minute because of illness. He was replaced by Paul Sheehan from The Sydney Morning Herald. Sheehan, who has visited Israel a number of times, told the AGM that we are currently living through 'possibly the greatest era' in Jewish history. He praised Israel and its people for their 'strategic and intellectual depth'. As a gesture of gratitude, 50 trees were planted in Israel in Sheehan's name." (JNF turns over a new leaf, The Australian Jewish News, 5/6/09)

Hm, maybe we now have enough data to posit the existence of a sliding scale of Zionist awards:-

Occasional Scribblers for Zion (eg Paul Sheehan): 50 trees planted over razed Palestinian village from 1948*

Constant Scribblers for Zion (eg Greg Sheridan): The Jerusalem Prize

Lackeys of Zion- Prime Minister/Opposition Leader level: Forest planted over razed Palestinian village (eg RG Menzies - Menzies Forest, Galilee; AA Calwell Forest of Life, Jerusalem; Bob Hawke - Australia-Israel Friendship Forest [dedicated to all the prime ministers of Australia & Israel as a tribute to the Australian Bicentenary & the 40th Anniversary of the State of Israel], Galilee; John Howard - John Howard Negev Forest)

[*See my 14/6/08 post A Certain Jewish Tree Planting Group]


Anonymous said...

Spot on.

Do you know, by the way, if anyone has ever challenged the tax status of the Bury the Palestinian Village Fund? I know some have tried in Canada, but never discovered the outcome. It seems ludicrous that one cannot object to a taxpayer subsidy for the purpose of 'disappearing' villages.

MERC said...