Saturday, October 10, 2009

Me Tarzan, Rudd Jane

"Speaking to The Australian Jewish News this week, Victorian Senator Julian McGauran called on the Australian Government to support military action against Iran if it fails to back down on its nuclear weapons [sic] program. 'This takes top priority', he said. 'I believe it is the highest, most critical issue today. Instead of pansying around on climate change, this ought to take central [sic] stage'. Senator McGauran, who said he had always had 'uncompromisingly strong' support for Israel, called the federal government 'lazy' in its attitude to Iran. 'It is easy to waltz around taking care of soft issues', he said... 'Australia must join its allies and become more aggressive towards Iran. We must not only be willing to join any further international sanctions imposed, but to endorse military action as the last resort'." (Senator: Rudd Government 'lazy' on Iran, 9/10/09)

Hm, maybe Julian has a point here. Check out this lilly-livered, limp-wristed, lisping response from the prime minister: "When Mr Rudd was asked on CNN whether he would commit more troops to the war [in Afghanistan], he said: 'We believe that our current commitment's about right...'" (Failure looms in Afghanistan war, Anne Davies, The Age, 22/9/09)

Ah, if only the old man of steel were back at the helm, eh Julian?: "Australia and its allies must send more troops to Afghanistan or face defeat by the Taliban, says former prime minister John Howard." (Howard calls for troops boost, Brendan Nicholson, The Age, 7/10/09)

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