Monday, December 21, 2009


The following letter, commenting on the imminent canonisation of Mary MacKillop, appeared in today's Sydney Morning Herald:

"My wife is a saint. And I don't need the Pope to confirm it. For nearly 40 years she worked as a nurse in many parts of Australia easing the suffering of the sick and helping to cure many. She is idolised by her 3 children and is a special nana to 2 adoring little girls. Aged 74, she works in a charity shop, and gives part of her age pension to Medicins Sans Frontieres and to World Vision to help a child struggling to survive in Gaza. The Vatican has never heard of her. The Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, never calls on a Sunday for a media photo opportunity. Yet she has performed scores of miracles in the 50 years I have lived with her. So why the fuss about Mary MacKillop?" Vincent Matthews Forestville

Vincent Matthews' letter also appeared in Murdoch's Australian, although with certain modifications. Of course, these could conceivably have been made by Vincent himself. If not, which words in particular do you imagine got the chop at The Australian?

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