Friday, January 1, 2010

So-called SBS/ABC News

This is how SBS Television's 6.30 News reported the latest on the Gaza Freedom March yesterday: "One hundred pro-Palestinian activists have been allowed to leave Egypt to take part in a so-called Freedom March in the Gaza Strip, but the Egyptian government has prevented another 1,200 people from crossing the border. Tomorrow's march is expected to attract campaigners from more than 42 countries. They will be marking the first anniversary of Israel's 22 [sic] day incursion in Gaza." (31/12/09)

And this is how it was introduced by Tony Eastley on ABC Radio National's AM program: "More than 1,3000 international peace activists from 40 countries, including Australia, are in Egypt this week. The self-styled 'freedom marchers', many of whom are Jewish, include prominent authors, lawyers and journalists." (31/12/09)

so-called: falsely or improperly named
incursion: raid, sortie, attack
self-styled: alleged, pretended

So according to SBS and the ABC, the Gaza Freedom March isn't really a freedom march after all, and the Gaza Freedom Marchers are sort of - well - up themselves. And as for those 23 days of Israeli shock & awe (resulting in 1, 420 Palestinians, including 446 children, killed; 5,320, including 1,855 children, wounded; 4,000 houses destroyed; and 16,000 houses damaged*), why that was really no big deal, just a glorified police raid for Christ's sake!

[*Statistics from the Gaza Community Mental Health Program]

Now you tell me if if the above is really that much different from this little Zionist rant by one Eric Trager, "Writer, Ph.D. student" over at under the header CODEPINK's 'Gaza Freedom' Mockery: "If you've been following CODEPINK's so-called 'Gaza Freedom March' on the blogosphere, then you probably know what it is against... yadda...yadda...yadda." 30/12/09)

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