Sunday, November 13, 2011

In the Dead of Night 2

The NSW Greens' nocturnal nemesis, Dr John Nemesh, appears to have miraculously escaped being clapped in irons (see my 29/9/11 post In the Dead of Night):

"John Nemesh pleaded guilty yesterday in Newtown Local Court of distributing electoral material 'without particulars' after admitting his anti-Greens posters did not include the name and address of the printer. Magistrate Margaret Quinn, who described Dr Nemesh as 'a very well-regarded person', ordered the dismissal of the charges without proceeding to a conviction. Ms Quinn said she regarded the charge against Dr Nemesh as being of 'very low' importance. She said she had been aware of the Marrickville BDS campaign 'from the papers'. 'I make no comment on the matter, but I did think it was fairly disgraceful at the time', she said." (Greens' boycott a disgrace, says judge, Imre Sulusinszky, The Australian, 11/11/11)

This is a puzzling account indeed. Questions abound. Nemesh is well-regarded, but by whom? If the charge is of such low importance, why is it even on the books? What have the magistrate's views on BDS got to do with the case? And would they be relevant anyway if her information on the subject comes solely from the papers? Or should that be paper? And what to make of a magistrate who prefaces a comment that the Greens' boycott is a disgrace with I make no comment?

Then there's the contradiction between her gratuitous commentary on The Greens and the BDS campaign, but, we have to assume from Salusinszky's report, complete silence on the disgraceful nonsense emblazoned on Nemesh's posters: The Greens are anti-gay, anti-women, support terrorism and oppose democracy.

On the other hand, one can appreciate just how high the stakes were for the good doctor:

"His barrister, Stephen Russell, told the court Dr Nemesh was concerned that under a BDS scheme, his young daughter who attends school in Marrickville would be banned from participating in any exchange program with Israel." (ibid)

A father's worst nightmare!


Anonymous said...

This is a case for the Judicial Commission if ever there was one.

Otherwise we may as well abolish the Judicial Commission as irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Selective justice is in fact injustice.

The same rule applies to selective reporting.

The charge was reduced, in the reportage of Imre Salusinsky,in a kind of soft soap shorthand to producing electoral material "without particulars".

'Reporter' Imre Salusinsky further reduced the offence, for the benefit of the readers of The Australian, as simply a failure to include "the name of the printer", seemingly a very minor offence.
This misrepresentation was repeated in his every report.

The crux of the matter is not simply the name of the printer but the name of the person AUTHORIZING
the electoral material.

This person can then be held to legal account for defamatory electoral material.

The voters and the public can also hold to account the person or group, in this case Dr. John Nemish of the Jewish Board of Deputies, for incorrect or simply ridiculous assertions.

The gutless wonders simply didn't have the courage of their convictions to put their name to defamatory electoral material that would attract a prison term, criminal and civil proceedings, under the "ETHNO-RELIGIOUS GROUPS PROVISIONS" of the Anti Discrimination Acts, both state and federal, if directed against Dr John Nemish, should he decide to stand for election.

The outcry of Anti-Semitism would ring around the world.

Justice should not only be done but be seen to be done.

As for Magistrate Margaret Quinn the question needs to be asked, considering the raison d' etre of B.S.S. is the illegal occupation of Palestine, regarded as illegal by the whole world including Australia, what part of B.D.S. is "disgraceful"?

Anonymous said...

Justice should not just be seen to be done, but done in reality.
Hear, hear.
and so it will be when a number of green perps will be charged and convicted.
merc i am disappointed that you reverted to what you now know to be a lie--but were happy to repeat.Nemesh and crew were responsible for only the white based posters put on telegraph posts.
The crew were strictly instructed not to damage any other corflute.
and they did not.
(The police came and checked on all particulars--contrary to the rant above--and found all satisfactory.They then left.
Colin Charlton then may have had a brain seizure--because eventhough the police were satisfied he was determined to rip the posters down with his metal crowbar swinging above his head.)
not like the Greens who stole upto 180 corflutes and were caught red handed doing so--charges pending.

as for the above comment regarding we mean the cowardice of charging someone
1/whilst pretending to be a mere public bystander when we are really Greens professionals, hoping that our names will never reach the light of day?
bad luck for Councillor Max Phillips and Colin Charlton who hid from being identified for their actions when they were given so many opportunities to doso.
2/and ofcourse following Nemesh to near where he lived over 25 km--thuggery---it is one thing to run a public campaign in main street as a clash of ideas--it is totally another to follow someone home in order to make them vulnerable on a personal level--ie intimidation--which by the way is a REAL CRIME.
Nemesh and crew did not call police because they accepted that people may go overboard now and again, but please dont be total hypocrites.
3/to have the charge made almost 3months down the line--after the GRAND MUFTI Lee Rhiannon and cohort decided that Nemesh was without party backing, a Jew, and kickable.
How brave .....
4/and then Max Phillips--Councillor to Royal Marrickville racially profiles and tells fibs in his police statement.

Best to stop here.
Merc, as an opponent i had some respect have lost it now by repeatingwhat you know was a lie.

You have been whipped in this encounter--best to pick yourself up and wait for the next time ..because we are already preparing.

ps--name of person authorising WAS onposters.
Lies and more lies do not make up for the truth.
The police are not idiots---if there was a further transgression they would have charged.
They did not because there was not.
Get used to it--you were outplayed big time.

Anonymous said...

Thats it merc.
nemesh jr probably couldnt get to the pirates convention in downtown tel aviv.probably had to settle for the Enmore try hards....

Your humour is not bad--pity you try to win 100%.Then when you dont--as none of us lose credibility.
Stick to the truth----i have.

MERC said...

Swashbucklers, you write: "merc I am disappointed that you reverted to what you now know to be a lie - but were happy to repeat. Nemesh and crew were responsible for only the white based posters put on telegraph posts."

Yet I read in Salusinszky's 11/11/11 piece: "Dr Nemesh has made a complaint to police against Ms Byrne for allegedly stealing his posters, some of which accused the Greens of hypocrisy for supporting gay causes while denouncing Israel, the only country in the Middle East where gay rights are enshrined in law."

Me Hearties, why not just send me the precise details of the text on each of Nemesh's posters so that we can compare them with those in my initial Dead of Night post?

Anonymous said...

Dear merc,

no posters exist.but the wording is in for the edition describing the green witches of marrickville--as i remember--panic in marrickville.
the liberal posters are also there as the posters detailing bds and saying--are the greens homophobic and racist?
then explaining the contradiction of bds versus the equality of gay rights in civil l;aw in israel as well as the right for gay couples to adopt children--something we here dont have yet,.
finally it states that in contrast states around israel may stone gays to death.

as i said one says vote labor, and 2 are to attract attention and a smile by stating that to vote anti-women,anti-gay and anti-community
vote greens.

well merc it has been sort of fun and interesting.
as an opponent you have good facts, and a sense of humour.
but i must go.
remember nemesh and crew had nothing to do with the fundamentalist christian pamphlets and the green based rectangular stickers with all sorts of accusations--nor any other behaviour such as swastika etc.

infact we have had a threat to ourlives recently over this.police investigating.

time for me to return to normal life.

i dont wish you well in this project, but i do wish you good health, .
shalom, salaam,ciao.

MERC said...

So to get this right, Salusinszky's got it all wrong and Nemesh & Crew neither believe all that nonsense about The Greens hating gays, supporting terror, and opposing democracy, nor had any hand in putting up posters to that effect?

Anonymous said...

So now Dr. John Nemish and his crew from the Jewish Board of Deputies can get on with their brainwashing "seminars" for police, complete with singing and dancing, as covered by your revealing post "ISRAEL 101 FOR COPS", Friday October 28, 2011.

Just a warning for police, if you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.

Anonymous said...

the greens support gays and women rights--thats why nem and crew put up the ones they did---it was meant to provoke--they were the earliest posters.

the later posters were targeted at specific sections of the community.

as for community---fiona byrne on her you tube claimed to embrace community.
that is , unless you were chinese or jewish.

the greens themselves now acknowledge that they had completely forgotten there was a small but active jewish leftist community in marrickville, but one which the greens had forgotten and ignored.
ditto chinese.

ciao merc.stay well,
and i will be reading your blogs from time to time.
but my active time in politics has come to an end.

MERC said...

Don't answer my questions, whatever you do.

Meant to provoke? Give me a break. Chinese? Give me another. Jews? Give me a third.

Jews/Christians/Muslims/whatever, who think the sun shines out of Israel's nether regions are either Zionists or Zionist dupes, and supporters of/apologists for a vicious apartheid regime. Leftist my nether regions!

If my blog helps you transcend the nasty tribal ideology of Zionism and join the real world, well and good. If not, you'd only be wasting your time reading it and might as well stick to Greg Sheridan columns with Leon Uris for a little light relief.

Finally, on the off-chance you're reformable and know what a book is - hope springs eternal! - please do yourself a favour and read 'If I Am Not For Myself: Journey of an Anti-Zionist Jew' by Mike Marqusee.

Poppy said...

I believe that federal Greens deputy leader Christine Milne also omitted the name and address of the printer on her Milne Mail publication. Did the Greens think that her "crime" was worthy of prosecution?

MERC said...

Fascinating, Poppet!

Anonymous said...

Thank you MERC for giving these Zionists enough rope to expose themselves.

What shines through is the arrogant sense of entitlement.