Saturday, May 3, 2014

'I understand the Palestinians' longing, but...'

Embedded in a Guardian report on that admirable Israeli group Zochrot ('remembering'), which seeks to disturb the Israeli mind by reminding it that Israel was built on stolen Palestinian land, littered with the remains of hundreds of destroyed Palestinian villages, and watered with the blood, sweat and tears of Palestinians massacred or expelled in 1948, comes the following gobsmacking comment from a "Jerusalem-born" Israeli:

"'I also identify with the images of the destroyed villages,' said Danny Rubinstein, a Jerusalem-born author and journalist. 'I do understand the Palestinians' longing and empathise with it. But I think that Zochrot is a mistake. The Palestinians know, or their leadership knows, that they have to forget Ramle and Lod and Jaffa... They have to give up the return as a national goal. If I was a Palestinian politician I would say that you don't have to remember. You have to forget'." (Remembering the Nakba: Israeli group puts 1948 Palestine back on the map, Ian Black,, 3/5/14)

Indoctrinated since childhood with tales of 'Next year in Jerusalem', and fed the fantasy of an alleged connection to a 'Land of Israel' dating back thousands of years, David Rubinstein tells Palestinians to forget their patrimony after a mere 66 years.

Do the David Rubinsteins of Israel (or the Colin Rubinsteins of Australia for that matter) ever listen to themselves?

I sincerely wish Zochrot the best of luck in their work. They'll need it.

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