Sunday, October 5, 2014

Burqa's Backyard

Australia has some of the most highly paid politicians in the world. (1)

It also has some of the poorest old folk in the world. (2)

Some of these politicians, representing places where Muslims are about as thick on the ground as Mithraists (3), are currently banging on about banning burqas in a parliament where a bunyip is more likely to put in an appearance than a burqa.

(1) "Australian MPs are among the best paid in the world after pocketing a hefty pay rise earlier this month, new research shows. Federal backbenchers take home $195, 130 - almost double that earned by British MPs and nearly three times the national average full-time wage... A report tabled in the British House of Commons this week as part of a proposal to index UK MPs annual wage increases to the growth in average earnings, shows that only Italian MPs earn more than their Australian counterparts." (Australian MPs now among the highest paid in the world, Stephen McMahon,, 18/7/13)

(2) "Australia has the highest old age poverty rate in the Asia-Pacific region, according to an international study that ranks Australia 13th for treatment of older people but 61st on a measure of income security." (Old-age poverty highest in region, Patricia Karvelas, The Australian, 1/10/14)

(3) George Christensen, LNP, Dawson (North Queensland); Senator Cory Bernardi, LNP, South Australia; Senator Jacqui Lambie, PUP, Tasmania

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