Sunday, May 31, 2015

Richard Di Natale: Wet Behind the Ears

"Stop saying that nobody knew how to cultivate oranges in Jaffa until the Jews showed them how. 'Making the desert bloom' makes desert dwellers out of people who were the agricultural superiors of the Crusaders." (Christopher Hitchens)

Thus blurted Richard Di Natale:

"Israelis are at the forefront of innovative technologies around [water saving]. Why wouldn't we be learning from some of the new technologies that the Israelis have developed?" (Di Natale in his own words, The Australian Jewish News, 22/5/15)

Although he's obviously unaware of it, the Greens leader here is mouthing the latest twist on one of the oldest Zionist talking points in the book, the one about Israel 'making the desert bloom'.

Before he spouts any more nonsense of this kind, could some Green or other out there please draw his attention to the following INCREDIBLY INTERESTING piece? Thanks in advance:

"The New York Times invites us to gaze with wonder on the miracles of Israeli technology today, with a page 1 photo and story touting the innovations that have saved the country from drought. Because of wise policies and applied science, we learn, 'there is plenty of water in Israel.'

"The Times never tells us, however, that a significant number of those who reside on the land are seriously deprived of water: Palestinians in some areas of the West Bank are forced to survive on only 20 liters of water a day per person, well below the World Health Organization minimum of 60 liters. In Gaza 90% of the water is unfit to drink.

"Meanwhile, Israelis in West Bank settlements 'generally have access to as much running water as they please,' according to the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem, and Israelis over all use three times as much water as Palestinians. Settlers also confiscate West Bank springs, and Israeli security forces destroy water equipment in Palestinian villages and prevent their residents from building cisterns and wells... Israel steals the water from under the feet of Palestinians, draining West Bank aquifers, allocating 73% of this water to Israel and another 10% to settlers. Palestinians are left with 17%, and many are forced to buy from the Israeli water company at rates up to 3 times as high as the tariffs charged Israelis." (From NY Times applauds while Israel robs Palestine of water,, 30/5/15)

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the expansionist Bandit State also occupied the headwaters of the Jordan River in the Syrian Golan Heights so that they could steal even more water and, of course, drive out much of the population [wrong race].

This is illegal in international law.

Would the Australian government regard it as "radical" or "terrorism" to oppose it and restore its
sovereignty ?

Anonymous said...

Merc, do you think Di (iceberg) Natale could've been planted there?

MERC said...

Perish the thought!