Friday, January 15, 2016

Canterbury Cathedral as 'Contested Shrine'

How would Anglicans feel about Muslims wanting to pray (as Muslims) in Canterbury Cathedral?

How about actual visits to pray there?

How about stepped-up visits?

What if the Western media took to describing Anglican concern/resistance to stepped-up Muslim visits to Canterbury Cathedral as Anglican agitation?

Better still, what if the Western media began referring to Canterbury Cathedral merely as a contested Canterbury shrine?

There'd be an uprising, right?

Muslim blood in the streets?

Fleet Street a smoking ruin?

So how do you think Palestinians feel when they read shit like this:

"... a surge of Palestinian street attacks... fuelled in part by Muslim agitation at stepped-up Jewish visits to a contested Jerusalem shrine..." (Israel slams Swedish minister over inquiry call, Dan Williams, Reuters/Sydney Morning Herald, 15/1/16)

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Vacy said...

Great analogy!