Friday, October 5, 2018

Max Brenner Goes Bust

Here's some heartening news:

"Upmarket chocolate and cafe chain Max Brenner's Australian business has gone into voluntary administration, citing rising costs and sluggish retail trade." (Chocolate chain Max Brenner collapses, Patrick Hatch, Sydney Morning Herald, 3/10/18)

What the Herald, of course, neglects to mention is that Max Brenner is a subsidiary of Israel's Strauss Group, a donor of "care packages" to Israel's Golani and Givati brigade commandos to "sweeten their special moments." (See my 25/5/13 post Why Boycott Max Brenner.)

The snipers currently deployed to gun down unarmed Palestinian demonstrators on the Gaza border come from these brigades. Don't even ask about those "special moments."


Grappler said...

Good news indeed! If someone less evil takes it over I will consider going there. I've been boycotting it for many years. Note this from of all places:

Business trends expert Dr Lauren Rosewarne from The University of Melbourne, said there may be many reasons for the confectionary brand’s Australian decline.

She told there may even be a political factor at play — as the chain began life in Israel which has copped criticism over its ongoing and often violent feud with Palestine.

Anonymous said...

MERC, don't fall into the trap of repeating the MSM mantra "the Gaza border." It is the 1948 Gaza armistice line with arbitrary additional land grabbing modifications imposed by the Bandit State.

Each of the four 1948 armistice lines carried the explicit written condition that they would not be recognised as future 'borders.' This stipulation has also been ignored in every instance.

Anonymous said...

What's the old saying, "what goes around, comes around". Dancing with the devil always ends badly.

Grappler said...

Totally agreed - Anonymous post 1. It is important to recall how much the Palestinians have compromised on borders and still the Israelis "never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity". Of course, the Zionists have always intended that they would have the entirety of Palestine primarily for Jews. The fable of the boy and the filberts comes to mind.