Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Israel's Terminal Cancer

"Our claim that we just want to live in peace and quiet with our neighbors is a cynical deception. What we mean is we want the land we want, all to ourselves, and we want the Arabs to accept that peacefully and quietly, then go away.

"That Palestinian rocket attacks were intolerable is a lie. They kept our anger and mistrust at a low boil, making military escalation cathartic and land concessions impossible.

"We have nothing to offer the Palestinians. If we cannot drive them away, we will never allow them to constitute a state worthy of the name. We'll herd them into human pens in the cities where they're already numerous. And we'll control everything they do and attack them when they act out, as we're doing in Gaza.

"We say we gave them Gaza and they bit us. We gave them nothing. We dumped them in Gaza to empty better land in Palestine. When only 8000 Jewish civilians would live in the strip to justify our garrisons, we pulled them out to create a free-fire zone and deny responsibility as an occupier. We rejected the Arabs' election, imprisoned their parliamentarians, broke their unity government, raided them at will and, best of all, besieged them into misery.

"We're inflating our national pride by smashing a tiny and impoverished dependency with no army, navy, air force or anti-aircraft. We're tormenting them and butchering them, like mice in a box, then praising our courage. We've turned Masada upside down. We are cowards, in perpetual search of a victim.

"We are always afraid. We see nothing but our past. We loathe everyone. We're toxic. We can no longer care for ourselves."

(Delirium - Circus Israel As Cancer, circusisrael.blogspot.com, 15/1/09)

And God help anyone who gets too close to the scene of our crime.

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