Saturday, June 5, 2010

Talk Back Zionism

"The groan of the slain is music in my ears."

From a poem entitled 'In the Strength of My Spirit' by Zionist poet Saul Tchernichovsky (1875-1943)

The barking mad Zionist spirit of Tchernichovsky lives on:

"There's stupidity in Israel... and one has to ask why the Stupid Jews saved Raed Salah instead of throwing him overboard. Why didn't they blow up the Mamara [sic]? What is it with Jews they have to treat anti-Semites with kid gloves? Even then they managed to kill only 9 of them and the world is screaming its head off that killing too few Jew haters is 'tragic'... [t]hey should ALL have been killed and Israel should have reveled in it. And we see Israel's mindless politicians and media bemoaning it was a 'disaster'. No - it was the exact opposite. It was a victory over Islamofascist Anti-Semites. That is who IDF troops killed under engagement rules boarding [sic] on the absurd even though Israel is at war with wild animals who seek to wipe out the Jewish State. That is what really happened on Monday." (NormanF said... ,

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like another fake and artificial apology for the bandit state heard around the clock on 2GB these days. When all else fails blame the victim. Palestinian, Muslim, Arab, terrorists, peace activists, all interchangeable and now commie Wharfies.