Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mission Accomplished

"Driving down Saadoun Street, we swing past Firdos Square. There, the stump of the plinth from which a bronze of Saddam Hussein was famously toppled - the dictator's right foot remains - prompted a local to observe: 'Everyone talks of how safe it was, if not good under Saddam - you were safe if you didn't discuss politics.' Now, it seems, everyone is talking about politics - and no one is safe." (The city of burnt trees and bravado, Paul McGeough, Sydney Morning Herald, 18/10/14)


patrick connor said...

God bless United Statia !
Q/Where would the planet be without it?
A/ Safe .

patrick connor said...

Sorry my last response was so cryptic .
For the benefit of lazy types like myself , the web address in that response contained a suggestion that the present world Ebola crisis was caused by one of US's dirty tricks.

Anonymous said...

Patrick could be right, the jury is out.

I am interested that Paul McGeough finds himself in Saadoun Street.

'Abd al-Muhsin al-Saadoun was the pro-British Prime Minister of Iraq who became so frustrated with the duplicitous, dishonest and pro-Zionist British that he was driven to suicide in 1929.

"The lines from the suicide note,'the nation awaits those who serve her. the English do not agree' entered into Iraq's political lexicon, both in its Turkish and Arabic forms, a shorthand for imperious perfidy."

'Faisal 1 of Iraq', Ali A. Allawi, Yale University Press, 2014, p.513.

A number of writers,not the above who is a serious historian, seem to take the view that the Middle East in general is just as series of blunders. Iraq is just the most recent. A thorough reading of the last 120 years of history will make it clear, even to the most dim-witted, that these 'blunders' simply serve the Zionist project in one way or another.

McGeough writes of present day Iraq "...and no one is safe."

Paul McGeough misses the point. The Bandit State feels much safer now that the coalition of servile Zionists, led by the arch Zionist George W. Bush, has wrecked Iraq, and wasn't that the point of the invasion?

You would have to be thick as not to get it.

However the Bandit State will run out of these short term 'fixes' sooner or later and bankrupt those stooge nations who are so servile in furnishing their manpower and treasure.

Good riddance.