Friday, October 24, 2014

Visiting Zionist Comedians You May Have Missed

Zionist comedy? I know, it sounds like the ultimate oxymoron, right?


Meet Breakstone and Hendel:

David Breakstone, vice-chair, World Zionist Organisation (WZO):

"We have to keep hammering home that we also feel terrible distress over the death of so many innocent Palestinian civilians, particularly the children. The other thing I think we need to do is present the human side from Israel. Although our children have not been killed in this conflict, they've certainly been traumatised." (WZO vice-chair in Australia, The Australian Jewish News, 22/8/14)

Dr Yoaz Hendel, former communications director for Benjamin Netanyahu, currently chairman of the Institute for Zionist Strategies:

"Human rights is not the monopoly of the radical left and it's not the monopoly of liberals. It's part of Zionism. The fact that we have minorities in Israel, it's part of what we are... This is Israel's character." (Israel champions human rights, The Australian Jewish News, 22/8/14)

I rest my case.


patrick connor said...

"Human rights...part of what we are.."
Pull the other leg Goaz . You've forgotten about.. eg. Gaza . This might surprise you , but no one else has forgotten , nor are they ever likely to.
I see you lot on the Receiving end of human rights every day . But you are very very rarely to be seen on the Delivering end .

Anonymous said...

A not very funny comedy act, even for black humour, because both clowns play the straight man.

Perhaps parody, but the joke is on them.

Anonymous said...

Could it be satire?