Monday, June 9, 2008

Murdoch's Man in Gaza

In my 17/5/08 post, Murdoch's Man in Beirut, I drew the reader's attention to the hack, ramshackle journalism of The Australian's Middle East correspondent, Martin Chulov.

Here are two, more recent examples:-

"The announcement of indirect talks between Syria and Iran [sic], to be brokered by Turkey, did not come as a surprise to Washington... " (Israel's gamble on Syria isolates US, 24/5/08)

And, as our intrepid News Limited journalist picks his way among the smoking ruins and rotting garbage of terror hotspot Hamastan, he makes a truly amaaazing discovery: Gazans are "continuing to blame the Israelis and their allies for the crushing two-year siege." (Gazans stock up as Israel threatens war, 7/6/08)

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