Monday, December 29, 2008


So mesmerised are we by the 'rockets/militants' mantra in The Daily Blah that we don't always appreciate the hard work of the 'heroes' of the Israeli airforce. So let's hear it for these quiet achievers. Different time, different place, maybe, but same people, same shit:

"There was no question but that the Israelis could hit anything they wanted to when they were really trying. Five times they flattened buildings just after Arafat had been in or near them. He'd appear in one of his little convoys; 20 minutes later, a couple of F-16s would appear out of nowhere, plunge down like sharks, 'wallop', then away, leaving the great red cloud of dust rising like blood in still water and the building they had just whacked collapsing in a rain of broken glass and concrete. If they wanted an apartment block or a hotel or one of the Palestinians' tired old tanks, they just came and got it: flip by in air-conditioned comfort; no need to hurry, no need to worry about the silly little Sam-7 rounds falling 5,000 feet short; no need to do all that Second World War stuff like getting targets in cross-wires and braving the ack-ack to get on target. Let the computers do the thinking, head in the general direction of the target, press the button when told to, then get back to base in time to meet the press corps and announce another successful mission against the terrorists. Everything wire-guided, electronically steered, computer-controlled, laser-directed. Sit in your cockpit or your tank turret or your cabin, eat a knish with one hand and press the red button with the other."(God Cried, Tony Clifton, 1983, p 70)

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Perhaps the Palestinians will get the message now?