Friday, December 26, 2008

Have you heard the one about...?

Have you heard the one about the Pope, the Dalai Lama and Sheikh Tantawi?

"At an end-of-year address, the Pope said saving humanity from homosexual behaviour is just as important as saving a rainforest from destruction." (Anti-gay message, Sydney Morning Herald, 25/12/08)

"The Dalai Lama said in Prague on Monday he loved Mr Bush. 'Some of his policies have been a disaster, but as a person, I love him, he is open, very truthful'." (Bush's biggest regret was thinking Saddam had weapons, SMH, 3/12/08)

" A photo showing Egyptian al-Azhar University Sheikh Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi shaking hands with Israeli president Shimon Peres at last month's interfaith Dialogue Conference in New York caused a storm throughout the Arab world. In response... the top Sunni sheikh initially claimed he did not know who Peres was and that the hand shake was simply an instinctual act... Contrary to Tantawi's claims, Ynet has learned that during the New York conference it was actually the sheikh who approached Peres, and knowing who he was, shook his hand and talked with him for several minutes. Tantawi reportedly told Peres, 'Preachers play a very important role in calming the situation and creating an atmosphere of peace'. A few days after the incident, in an interview to Qatari newspaper al-Arab, Tantawi changed his story and said he had met with Peres." (Sheikh's handshake with Peres sparks row,, 7/12/08)

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