Friday, April 24, 2009

The Cunning Little Devil!

The absolute all-time favourite pastime of Zionist propagandists is finger-pointing. It's a variation on the obnoxious little bugger in the classroom who, when caught out for some misdemeanour by his teacher, invariably accuses the teacher of picking on him, denies he was doing anything, and alleges, contradicting himself, that so-and-so elsewhere was doing it too. A beautiful example of same appeared - where else? - on the opinion page of The Australian of 22/4/09. The heading read:

Outrage reserved for Israel: Why do Muslim countries care so much more about Palestine than Chechnya, asks Brett Stephens The Wall Street Journal

And, without even reading it, you knew exactly where Stephens was coming from: "I have a hypothesis. Maybe the world attends to Palestinian grievances [or "alleged mistreatment of Palestinians," as Sheridan has it] but not to Chechen ones for the sole reason that Palestinians are, uniquely, the perceived [!] victims of the Jewish state." You can see it in your mind's eye, can't you? That obnoxious little Stephens brat screaming at his teacher: You're always picking on me! And that finger, that bloody little, snot-covered finger, pointing straight at a group of his classmates sniggering away down the back of the room.

But, credit where credit's due. Young Stephens has grown up (well, sort of) and provided us, in the above sentence, with the key to the liberation of Tibet, no less! Now, if only we could get the Chinese to contract out their occupation of Tibet to the experts of the Israel Occupation Forces (IOF), then "maybe the world would attend to Tibetan grievances."

But hang on! There's more to that title than meets the eye. Why do Muslim countries care so much more about Palestine... ? As in, why does Uzbekistan (or Kosovo or even Chechnya) care so much more about Palestine... ? Stephens is pulling a swiftie here. Because if we substituted Arab for Muslim, then the answer would be obvious: Arab countries care more about Palestine than Chechnya because Palestinians are fellow Arabs. But that simple answer wouldn't lend itself to Stephens' enduring proclivity to finger-point, now would it? Some things never change. The cunning little devil!

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