Thursday, April 30, 2009

Same Old, Same Old...

Let's ring in May with a laugh courtesy of this letter by Frank Bonaccorso of Perth in today's The Australian: "I didn't know if I was reading The Australian or The Australia-Israel Review yesterday morning. Everywhere I looked, gushing tributes to a man who admitted to collusion in a cartel that added to the cost of everyday staples for each man, woman and child in Australia. Unlike your editorial writers (Vale Richard Pratt, 29/4), not everyone believes 'he died an honoured figure'. Remember, charges against Pratt were dropped because of his failing health. He was right to surmise, as he told Cameron Stewart (The great enabler, 29/4), that the general public would see him 'as a rich person who made his money doing something that is wrong in the eyes of the law'."

Frank, maaate. You mean you've only just noticed that The Australian and The Australia-Israel Review are one and the same publication?

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