Thursday, May 21, 2009

Repeat After Me

Now class, listen up, and repeat after me...

"Nearly half of the Palestinian population is controlled by the ultra-rejectionist, terrorist death cult of Hamas." (Obama gets serious on Middle East, Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan, The Australian, 1/8/09)

"Hamas, a virtual terrorist death cult..." (Middle East requires pragmatic realism: a two-state solution would need better Palestinian leadership, editorial, The Australian, 18/5/09)

"... Gaza is ruled by the terrorist death cult Hamas..." (Israeli leaders mislabelled by foes, Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan, The Australian, 9/3/09)

"... the terrorist death-cult that rules Gaza." (There may be the will but not necessarily the way: Peace in the Middle East is not possible whatever Obama does so long as Palestinians oppose it, Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan, The Australian, 5/2/09)


Anonymous said...

Should we all pitch in and buy Sheridan a copy of Paul McGeogh's new book?

Anonymous said...

How about a book by Ayaan Hirsi Ali ?

MERC said...

No, Ali's simply not relevant. If Greg wants a dinkey-di(e) death cult, he should reflect on the mileage derived by Zionism from one of its legendary heroes, Yosef Trumpeldor, who allegedly said, 'It's good to die for our country'. I therefore highly recommend Israel's Holocaust & the Politics of Nationhood by Idith Zertal. Alternatively, he could peruse a volume on Christian Zionism and its apocalyptic death cult of Armageddon. As for death squads, all he has to do is google 'targeted assassinations IDF'.