Friday, May 8, 2009

Whopper Alert!

When you read the news reports of The Australian's Jerusalem correspondent Abraham Rabinovich, watch out for whoppers. Today's report begins thus:

"A call by a US official for Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) has raised fears in Jerusalem that the Obama administration may be seeking to block the Iranian nuclear threat by sacrificing Israel's reported nuclear arsenal. US Assistant Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller said this week: 'Universal adherence to the NPT, including by India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea, remains a fundamental objective of the United States'." (Israeli nuclear ambiguity under threat, Abraham Rabinovich, 8/5/09)

He goes on to tell 2 whoppers:

Whopper 1: "The only non-signatories in the world are the 4 countries cited by Ms Gottemoeller. India, Pakistan and North Korea have tested nuclear devices. Israel has not but is reported to have up to 200 nuclear warheads." (ibid)

Israel has tested nuclear devices: "Just before dawn on the stormy morning of September 22, 1979, the clouds over the Southern Indian Ocean suddenly broke and an American satellite was able to record two distinctive bright flashes of light within a fraction of a second - probable evidence of a nuclear explosion. The nuclear detection satellite, known as VELA, had seen similar flashes of light on forty-one previous occasions, and in each case it was subsequently determined that a nuclear explosion had taken place. Most of the sightings were over Lop Nor, where the Chinese atmospheric nuclear tests took place, or in the South Pacific, site of the French tests. There were a few intelligence officials and non-proliferation experts in the Carter administration who immediately concluded that Israel had conducted a nuclear test, a test that they had tried, and failed, to accomplish two years earlier. They were right." (The Samson Option: Israel, America & the Bomb, Seymour M Hersh, p 271)

Whopper 2: "This formula ['Israel will not be the first country to introduce nuclear weapons in the Middle East' - Shimon Peres] was put to the test in the 1973 Yom Kippur War when the Egyptian and Syrian armies launched a successful surprise attack and for a few days Israel's survival appeared at stake. Whatever thoughts may have gone through the minds of the leadership, Israel did not threaten to use nuclear weapons. Eventually, its ground forces succeeded in turning the tide." (ibid)

Israel has threatened to use nuclear weapons: "Over the next hours, the Israeli leadership - faced with its greatest crisis - resolved to implement 3 critical decisions: it would rally its collapsing forces for a major counterattack; it would arm and target its nuclear arsenal in the event of total collapse and subsequent need for the Samson Option; and, finally, it would inform Washington of its unprecedented nuclear action - and unprecedented peril - and demand that the United States begin an emergency airlift of replacement arms and ammunition needed to sustain an extended all-out war effort." (Hersh, p 225)


Michael said...

Nice work from Mr R.

First there is the "Iranian nuclear threat". A fact.

And then just the "reported nuclear arsenal" of Israel. Might not be.

MERC said...

Quite right, Michael. Thanks for drawing our attention to this further level of mendacity.

Anonymous said...

The only porky spitter around here is you, mate. Geez, the sight of Jews successfully defending themselves against all the odds must really stick in your throat.

Why the obsession with Israel? As if the world wasn't full of much bigger stories many much closer to home? Need I ask. A bit hard to blame Darfur on the Jews.

MERC said...

Hello? I'm obsessed with Israel?!

Anonymous said...

Good arguments. Having google alerted Samson Option for a couple years, I can tell you people are becoming more and more aware how bad the Israeli nuclear threat is. One reason Obama may finally feel free to do something about it. Cross our fingers.

Anonymous said...

In Mercs world Muslims killing Muslims in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan , Sudan is all because of the Israelis and Jews , in Mercs world if the Israelis disappeared all the daily Muslim/Arab atrocities around the globe would all disappear too.

MERC said...

Degree of relevance: -0