Sunday, November 8, 2009

A True Blue Friend of Israel

Islamophobia, Zionism, climate-change denial - a seamless fit:

"Fred Nile's Christian Democratic Party plans to run an emotive anti-Muslim, anti-carbon trading campaign in the by-election for the northern Sydney seat of Bradfield... The party's propaganda for the December 5 by-election... declares 'Enough!' and urges Australians to 'Stand your ground in defence of Christian values'. It uses a selection of alternating slogans, including, 'Ten-year moratorium on Muslim immigration', 'No nukes for Iran - we must defend Israel' and 'No carbon tax - stop the ETS'. Mr Nile - who sits alone in the NSW upper house since expelling fellow MP Gordon Moyes* from the CDP 6 months ago - yesterday denied the CDP was dragging the politics of race into the battle for Bradfield. 'The CDP is opposed to racism and we have people of all races on our team', he said. 'But Muslim is not a race. It's a religious and political ideology'." (Nile raises crusade in by-election, Imre Salusinszky, The Australian, 6/11/09)

[*"Dr Moyes once described Mr Nile as a pathetic, friendless figure who works all day with his door closed and 'eats his fast-food meals alone and he spends every night alone in a cheap motel in western Sydney'." (Nile calls on the power of prayer to remove a political thorn in his side, Rick Fenely, Sydney Morning Herald, 4/2/09)]

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