Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boycott Till You Drop

1) "A new bidder has emerged in the carve-up of Centro's $18.6 billion shopping centre empire with listed Israeli company Gazit Globe, its part-owned US trust Equity One, US private equity group Apollo and Canada's Brookfield believed to have formed a consortium... According to Gazit Globe's website, the Tel Aviv-listed group operates in 20 countries and owns and manages 650 properties worth $US15bn. Gazit has a 52% stake in US-listed real estate investment trust Equity One and a 66% holding in the Toronto-listed Gazit America, described on the website as being focused on entrepreneurial real estate opportunities. Gazit America owns about 16% of Equity One." (Israelis enter Centro arena, Yuri Condon, The Australian, 2/12/10)

2) I thought I'd seen the complete range of Israeli Dead Sea mineral brands in my mall crawls around this great nation of ours - Ahava, Beauty Mineral, Seacret - but no, I recently came across another: Jericho Skin Care. Jericho!


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Just plain capitalism.