Friday, June 3, 2011

Great Moments...

... in Judeo-Christianity:

"If Noah had run into the modern nanny state, or a few of the other obstacles that Johan Huibers has been facing, the animal kingdom might look a lot different today. Huibers, 60, the successful owner of a big construction company, has spent the past few years building an ark, using the measurements for the one Noah is said in the book of Genesis to have built... He even discusses the ark with business associates in Israel, where his construction company is active. 'The Israelis are curious', he says. 'But they say it's not a Christian ark, it's a Jewish ark. They say I stole it'." (Black sheep not about to go two by two on Johan's ark, John Tagliabue, New York Times/Sydney Morning Herald, 1/6/11)

Typical Israeli chutzpah! Why didn't you remind them that they stole it from the Babylonians, Johan?

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