Thursday, June 30, 2011

Come Dance With Me

"Peace will only come from negotiations. It will be a negotiated peace. It cannot be imposed from the outside - not by any power and certainly not by one-sided UN resolutions. Peace requires negotiations. It requires mutual compromise. Palestinians compromise; Israel compromises; we both compromise. We're prepared to do so, but to do that, you need a negotiation. But a UN fiat, a UN declaration that is one-sided, would do several things. First it would violate the agreements between the Palestinians and Israel, but it would also harden the Palestinian position, because if the UN General Assembly adopts the Palestinian positions in advance of negotiations, why should they negotiate? So such a resolution, if backed by an overwhelming majority including the leading countries of the world, that could actually push peace back by hardening Palestinian positions, by pushing negotiations further away. So I think anyone who is interested in advancing peace will opt for direct negotiations and will oppose the attempt to impose a peace from the outside." (Benjamin Netanyahu, Joint press conference with PM Berlusconi of Italy, 13/6/11)

"Dominant male white Zionist Entity seeks partner for one-sided conflict resolution. I am powerful and fixated, yet profoundly complex and achingly poetic. You must be servile, desperate and repugnant to everyone. I love long, romantic walks on your land, sipping water from your aquifers, winter rain on a checkpoint, all-night talks about why I won't talk, reviewing combat errors and window-shopping. You adore construction and fruit-picking. Turn-offs - non-Jewish head coverings, non-Jewish falafel and non-Jews. Come, let's make a lasting arrangement with deep tunnels and soaring walls. Explore with me the small and crowded spaces that will be your home. We'll dance madly to Hatikvah as we say farewell! (Dov Weisglass* says, 'No fatties!)" (Circus Israel personals,, 5/3/08)

[* "The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet but not to make them die of hunger." Senior government adviser Dov Weisglass explaining Israel's stranglehold on Gaza following the election of a Hamas government there in 2006.]

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Anonymous said...

oh yeah, thats your peace you motha.

The formaldehyde Peace

like you told the brit fora-correp, the palis had no place in the WB. This at your J-slem dinner parT in the late70s or early 80s

Ben Yahoo