Friday, September 9, 2011

Which Side Are You On?

NSW Greens MLC mining spokesman and anti-coal seam gas crusader, Jeremy Buckingham, has joined the Parliamentary Friends of the CSG Industry, saying he's concerned about the 'tone' of anti-CSG protests:

"The NSW Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham has spoken out against the targeting of Max Brenner chocolate stores as part of an anti-Israel boycott, deepening the split within the Greens over the issue. Mr Buckingham argued that the campaign was 'counter-productive to the cause of peace and human rights in the Middle East'. He has also joined the Parliamentary Friends of Israel, as well as the equivalent Palestinian friendship group... 'There are a variety of ways to express concern about the abuse of Palestinian human rights and to push for a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians... I am concerned that the tone and public perception of the Max Brenner protests* may be counter-productive to the cause of peace and human rights in the Middle East'." (Anti-Israel boycott opens fresh split in Greens, Sean Nicholls, Josephine Tovey, Sydney Morning Herald, 9/9/11)

[* Code for 'I've been reading The Australian'.]


Anonymous said...

Code for Bob Brown and many other Green party have had a sniff of power and have been shown the whip, and they are now willing to sell the Palestinians down the river to enjoy the fruits of success (just like all the others craving political power). I feel sick.

MERC said...


Buckingham is reported to have said in the Herald (Ad campaign aims to put industry view on fracking, Ben Cubby, 5/9/11): "Australians have well-honed bullshit detectors when it comes to big oil companies that have long histories of deception and environmental disasters."

What a pity he doesn't have the same when it comes to Zionism's long history of deception and crimes against humanity.

He obviously knows bugger all about the issue.