Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Witches Brew 2

The second speaker for David Clarke's anti-BDS resolution in the NSW Legislative Council on 15/9/11 was Labor MLC Walt Secord, who I've had reason to profile before on this blog (An Israeli-Occupied Mind, 27/6/11).

Secord likes to pretend that he has no idea why Max Brenner:

"Let us put this into perspective. This is a chocolate cafe. It is a food business. It is not a manufacturer of landmines or military weapons. Max Brenner makes and sells hot chocolate and serves waffles. There is no reasoning to these protests."

Which allows him to smear BDS as, surprise, surprise, anti-Semitic:

"Hence I must conclude that Max Brenner is targeted for one reason: because it is an Israeli business and it is a Jewish business..."

And the proof? Well, none is forthcoming. So all we get is your baseless, grubby smear:

"What is even more distressing is the racist rhetoric employed in the BDS campaign. On occasions some of those supporting BDS have lapsed into what I can only describe as naked anti-Semitism."

And of course, no anti-BDS smear job would be complete without the by now ritual reference to the Nazi era/Holocaust:

"Members may not be aware that Australia has the honour of being home to the highest percentage of Holocaust survivors in a Jewish community outside Israel. So it is understandable that there is strong concern about BDS in Australia, especially in the Jewish community. They know firsthand what can follow once businesses are singled out simply because they are owned by Jewish people. They know firsthand what happened in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s when businesses were identified as being Jewish... The experience of history, repeatedly, is that this is where it starts. States do not slide into systemic racism overnight. Instead, liberties are traded off one at a time. I never thought I would see the day when a Jewish business was targeted in Australia, and that is what is occurring with the BDS."

And when you're done muttering darkly about the alleged naked anti-Semitism of BDS protesters, why not blow your own trumpet?:

"In late August I had the honour of being elected deputy chair of the Parliamentary Friends of Israel. It is now one of the largest parliamentary groups. (The Hon. Dr Peter Phelps: Thanks to you!) I acknowledge the interjection. Some 60 parliamentarians, from the conservative and progressive side of politics, turned up to the inaugural meeting."

How interesting! Think about this: there are 134 polliewaffles in the NSW Parliament (LC: 42 LA: 92). What does it say about the extent of Zionist influence in NSW politics that "some 60" of the buggers felt compelled, or otherwise allowed themselves to be corraled, into turning up for the inaugural meeting of the PFoI? But it gets worse: it seems that the position of PFoI's chair is something our state parliamentarians are actually fighting over, with Secord terribly miffed that instead of he and Gabrielle Upton, MP for Vaucluse, being joint chairs, Premier O'Farrell demoted Secord to mere deputy chair. (Secord back-seated as Friends of Israel is revived,, 15/8/11)

Terribly tough titties for the Michael Danby wannabe of NSW state politics.

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