Saturday, January 28, 2012

Israeli Pheromone Madness

I guess addiction is something we all have to struggle with in one form or another. Take Israeli pheromone abuse, for example.

Apparently, once and future (?) prime minister, Kevin Rudd, who once admitted mainlining this most addictive of substances - 'Support for Israel is in my DNA' - is struggling with the habit, albeit with little success so far:

"Mr Rudd, the current Foreign Minister, split with the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, over Palestinian efforts to win membership of the key United Nations cultural body, UNESCO, recommending that Australia abstain in the vote, only to be overruled. Professor Evans will argue [in an Australia Day speech] Mr Rudd has made a 'so far not completely successful' effort to recalibrate Australia's total support for Israel's security while at the same time encouraging a breakthrough in the peace process." (Rudd aims worthy of support, says Evans, Daniel Flitton, Sydney Morning Herald, 26/1/12)

Alas, present prime minister Julia Gillard shows no such inclination. In fact, far from kicking the habit, this sad, drug-addled creature is actually stocking up on supplies:

"Julia Gillard has moved to strengthen her already close relations with the Jewish community by giving her new business liaison adviser, Bruce Wolpe, the specific task of liaising with it. Some caucus colleagues think treating the Jewish community in this special way is unwise, even weird. One called it 'a curious decision'. Another said: 'This is amateurish. Singling out the Jewish community when there are so many other components of Australian society is hard to comprehend'. A third said that the level and quality of access for the Jewish community was already superior to that of others and this could further that perception." (PM's Jewish move queried, Michelle Grattan, The Age, 25/1/12)

Unfortunately, we never seem to learn from the American example. Over there, Congress has become a virtual Israeli pheromone den, and US presidents can be heard abjectly babbling about the 'unbreakable bond' which is the bane of their lives and reduces them to the pitiful wrecks we see before us on news bulletins. Is this really what we want here in Australia?

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