Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Deserving Country

So the Prime Minister of the USraeli client state of Australia, Julia Gillard, in her address to the UN General Assembly on 26 September reckons we "deserve"* a seat on the UN Security Council.

This is the client state:

a) whose Foreign Minister H.V. Evatt played an instrumental role in the UNGA's decision to recommend the partition of Palestine over the heads of its people in 1947.

b) that supported the Israeli/British/French aggression against Egypt in 1956.

c) that tailed the US into Vietnam in 1962.

d) that tailed the US into the Persian Gulf in 1991.

e) that tailed the US into Afghanistan in 2001.

f) that tailed the US into Iraq in 2003.

g) that called for NATO intervention in Libya in 2011.

h) that calls for the West to "muscle up to the Syrian regime."

i) that talks of the need for "robust actions" against Iran.

j) that routinely votes with USrael and a motley crew of Pacific Island states against any resolution critical of Israeli human rights abuses and war crimes.

k) that acts as an errand boy for Israeli interests in UN fora and beyond.

l) that has never had an independent foreign policy thought in its entire life.

We deserve a seat on the SC? What the f... ! You're kidding me?!

[*UN must muscle up to Syria & Iran, says Gillard, Phillip Coorey, Sydney Morning Herald, 27/9/12]

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Ashley said...

Couldn't agree more. The ironic part is that if we actually had an independent foreign policy, we'd likely garner more votes.