Friday, September 14, 2012

Shill for Israel

Unfortunately, when readers of the Sydney Morning Herald read the following from its columnist Paul Sheehan...

"The Sydney bastions of the Greens where they had exercised influence were mostly disasters. In Leichhardt, the swing against the Greens was 11%. In Canterbury, it was 10%. In Marrickville, a council made notorious by Greens ideological excesses and obsessions about Israel, the Greens vote dropped 7.4% while the Liberals picked up an 11% swing." (Greens stay silent after abject elections, 13/9/12)

... they won't necessarily remember that Sheehan has twice (2006 & 2008) been on a NSW Jewish Board of Deputies/Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs junket to Israel.

But then we can hardly expect the Herald to remind us of all this in a clunky disclaimer at the foot of such columns as the above, now can we?

I have a simple answer. Why not just append the letters SFI - Shill for Israel?

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