Monday, May 27, 2013

Et tu, Jeremy?

The London Declaration on Combating Antisemitism madness rolls on, having now spread to the NSW Knesset.

Not content with the mere formation of a Zionist mega-faction incorporating representatives from every party in state Knesset - the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Israel - Australia's Israel lobby now has them signing on the dotted line:

"Thirty Liberal and Nationals MPs and Green Jeremy Buckingham signed the charter, watched by members of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies. Frontbenchers and high-profile members Viktor Dominello, Glady Berejiklian, Pru Goward, Robyn Parker, Andrew Constance and Legislative Council president Don Harwin were among the group." (Libs back bid to beat anti-Semitism, Christian Kerr, The Australian, 24/5/13)

That watched by is so telling. No secret ballot here!  Were it not so sinister, the groupthink on display would be almost comical.

One can only imagine the hushed conversations currently taking place in the corridors of the NSW Knesset: 'Reluctant to sign? I've signed. Everyone else is signing. Maybe you should too. You wouldn't want to be labelled ANTI-SEMITIC, would you?'

But the icing on the lobby's cake here must surely be the wedging of the parliamentary Greens, with the deeply (nay willfully - he's had more than enough time to educate himself on this issue) ignorant Jeremy Buckingham signing a document that, in typical Zionist fashion, conflates anti-Semitism with criticism of Israel. Not that this should have come as any surprise. Having earlier foolishly joined the steering committee of the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Israel, how could he wriggle out of something like this?

What's the bet he'll be off to Israel for the next parliamentary rambamming later this year?

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Vacy said...

On the one hand I am surprised that Gladys Berejiklian signed the Zionist Declaration on Combatting Antisemitism, as an Armenian who is well aware of the Armenian Massacre and persecution by Turkey and well aware that some of her family and many Armenians were welcomed as refugees in Jerusalem by the Palestinians. Jerusalem has an Armenian Quarter.

On the other hand, political ambition, for the majority , overrides decency, conscience and justice.

PS 'NSW Knesset' says it all. Brilliant. I shall plagiarise.