Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why Pick on Israel?

The question on every Zionist lip:

"Why does Israel consistently attract the ire of the international community ('Reality ignored in rush to judgment on 'apartheid' Israel', 14/5)?" asks prolific letter writer and Israeluvvie Joel Feren, of Elwood, Victoria.

"Israel is indeed different to its neighbours - it is democratic and a champion of rights. It is senseless that Israel is labelled a demonic superpower of the Middle East while the despotic Syrian government massacres more than 80,000 civilians, Saudi Arabia subjugates women, Iran remains under police tyranny, Egyptian Coptics [sic] face persecution and thousands of Palestinian refugees are left to languish in refugee camps in Jordan." (The Australian, 15/5/13)

Er, Joel, I think that last one could be described as the sleeper carriage in your train of thought, mate.

Thousands of Palestinians languishing in refugee camps in Jordan. Ever ask yourself what they're doing there in the first place?

Does the word refugee ring any bells? Suggestive perhaps of a flight from something? Something dire?

The word Palestinian? Hm?

Doesn't work for you?

OK, let's try a multiple choice question.

Did Palestinian refugees in Jordan:

a) drop from the sky?
b) spontaneously - no one knows why - decamp from Palestine and move to Jordan?
c) flee at the point of Zionist bayonets and worse, either in 1948 or 1967, and remain there because Israel won't let them return?
d) witlessly fall victim to the old Israeli 'Jordan is Palestine' propaganda line and relocate to Jordan?


Anonymous said...

Ah....The Palestinians?

If The Palestinians are left out of the Middle East equasion, the endless repetition of Zionist talking points almost convinces, well, less than half the population, but most of the politicians.

Anonymous said...

"the sleeper carriage in your train of thought, mate." Lovely turn of phrase.

MERC said...

I wish I could say it's original.