Saturday, April 4, 2015

'Deeply Concerned'

I wonder if Sydney University vice-chancellor Michael Spence realises just how energising and entertaining his song and dance routine must be to the usual suspects. I suspect not:

"Like Peter Baldwin, Sydney University is deeply concerned about events that occurred during Richard Kemp's lecture on March 11 (Where the right to speak is howled down, 2/4). We are in the process of finalising an investigation into the incident, having interviewed more than 20 people and reviewed extensive material.

"I'd like to reassure Mr. Baldwin, and all those concerned by the events, that we are committed to defending free speech and the right of all staff, students and invited guests to express their views without fear of bullying, harassment or discrimination.

"Following thorough processes in such cases is vital. It is imperative that we complete these processes before appropriate actions can be taken. We are committed to ensuring this investigation is concluded as quickly as is possible, and will not hesitate to take appropriate action." (Letter to The Australian, 4/4/15)

One likely lad with more than a keen interest in the matter is Dean Sherr of the Australian Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS). Sherr has reportedly "helped start an online petition calling for Professor Lynch to be sacked." (Pro-Palestinian protest investigated by Sydney University, PM,, 2/4/15)

He may or may not read The Australasian Australian Jewish News, but I wonder what he'd make of their 27/3 online poll Should the University of Sydney fire Jake Lynch? and its 58% No vote.

As for the vc's vaunted investigation, Professor Jake Lynch has his doubts: "I've been interviewed by a lawyer whom the university informed me was a neutral person working for an outside law firm. It turned out she was actually moonlighting from her job with the university's own legal department. So my union has written a letter to the vice-chancellor calling that a duplicitous attempt to entrap members. And I fully endorse that view." (ibid)

For the context, see my posts Anatomy of a Beat-Up (18/3/15) and Baldwin's Balderdash (3/4/15).

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