Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dumber & Dumber

The sad decline of SBS, Australia's 'multicultural' broadcaster, goes on:

"Hollywood stars and church cults were likely fodder for SBS World News, where newsreader Lee Lin Chin was among staff told to feature 'quirky' stories to attract viewers. News teams were urged to avoid 'turn-off' reports about the Middle East, Ebola, asylum seekers and indigenous Australians. Exceptions include soccer playing refugees with dreams of performing at Eurovision. Research reportedly revealed older viewers preferred stories about fish oil to those about Ukraine. 'Quirky yarns are preferable,' SBS management said, prompting special news features on omega-3 in the Black Sea and Chin's top 10 asymmetrical outfits." (Six degrees of separation of the week's news, Peter Munro, Sydney Morning Herald, 4/4/15)


Anonymous said...

Indeed SBS was almost an exception (among TV stations in the world)in transmitting and some real news. That cannot be tolerated for long.

Anonymous said...

Of course "feel good' stories about Israel will still be promoted.

On autopilot.

Anonymous said...

Zionists and their stooges like to characterize young people who travel to fight in the Middle East, with the obvious exception of those who fight for the Bandit State, as being influenced by radical websites or preachers.

The truth is that any reasonable person watching events on the TV news, despite the constant and usual excuses offered for Zionist agression and war crimes, will come to their own conclusions. Opinion polls reflect this trend in Australia.

There is one side occupied and another the occupier.

Ebola, asylum seekers and indigenous Australians are being used here as camouflauge.

The real 'turn-off' is any report on the Middle East, even reports that try to 'put lipstick on a pig' don't work any more.

Hence the DIKTAT : don't mention the Middle East.

Don't forget Deir Yasin Day, today April 9.