Friday, March 4, 2016

Air Apartheid

"A local technology start-up is channeling the know-how of the Israel military to lure Australian former defence personnel as pilots for its fleet of commercial drones. Ninox [Robotics]managing director Marcus Ehrlich said its first group of two pilots and two maintenance staff undergoing training were all ex-Australian Defence Force men. 'They're all out of the army drone regiment which makes them fantastic to train and great utilisers of the system,' he said... Last year Sydney's Ninox Robotics was the first Australian drone operator to conduct test flights at night... 

"Now Ninox pilots and technicians are in Israel for one month, honing their flying skills using drones made by Bluebird Aero Systems. Bluebird operates from Kadima, a small town 35km from Tel Aviv. It makes a variety of drones... According to Bluebird's website, it is used for 'covert, real-time, life-saving intelligence to the Israeli forces performing their missions in the war on terror and supporting the Israel homeland security situation'. Bluebird's drones were used in Operation Brother's Keeper, launched in response to the 2014 kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers, and Operation Protective Edge, Israel's response to rocket attacks from Gaza in the same year..." (Israeli army trains drone pilots, Chris Griffith, The Australian, 26/2/16)

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Grappler said...

Pretty well all of the rocket attacks that Israel responded to were responses to Israeli attacks but they never mention that. I like the "life saving" hasbara - why aren't they honest and say "Jewish Israeli life saving". They certainly are not saving Palestinian lives. Sick!