Thursday, March 10, 2016

Zionist Pot Calls Islamist Kettle Black

"The term Islamophobia is used so routinely to silence dissent, it has come to signal the presence of a freethinker in a field of PC censors." (No place here for Islamist bias, Jennifer Oriel, The Australian, 9/3/16)


Anonymous said...

Classic zionist inversion of the truth. An older version was the accusation that Palestinians were trying to take over Israel by the 'salami method', bit by bit; a very precise description of the zionist activity in the West Bank.

Anonymous said...

A very precise description of how the Zionists took over Palestine as a whole, starting with the first World Zionist Conference in the 1880's. Bit by bit, war by war, bribe by bribe, et al.

Anonymous said...

IPA = Israeli Public Affairs