Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cognitive Dissonance? What Cognitive Dissonance?

? Jennifer Oriel arguing for a women-only space in 2003:

"For many women, expression of diversity is enabled by environments which support women-only space. In these spaces, women may feel freer to share difficult experiences and to create positive plans for a more liberated future with other women who understand and support them... it's a wonderful step forward for women who love women." (On the occasion of the Victorian lesbian festival, 2004 Lesfest, which won the right to exclude anyone other than female-born lesbians from entry, The Age, 12/9/03)

Murdoch columnist Jennifer Oriel arguing against an indigenous-only space in 2016:

"The arguably racist presumption that people who are not indigenous make a space culturally unsafe has gone unchallenged by the activist Left... the modern human rights movement has substituted universal human rights with minority rights." (Leftist line on Hanson is hypocrisy at the highest level, The Australian, 11/7/16)

And to add to the confusion, Oriel supports a Jews-only/first space called Israel in occupied Palestine.

Strewth, how does she manage to get through her day?

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