Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Waiting for Malcolm

"Australia's second-richest person, Anthony Pratt, was still waiting - in the early hours of Sunday morning - for the nation's 29th Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to arrive at what was supposed to be a Liberal victory party at Sydney's Sofitel Wentworth. As you may have heard, things had not exactly followed Turnbull's plan. So what did Pratt - the executive chairman of Visy Industries, a man with a fortune recently valued at $10.4 billion - make of what at that stage looked like the narrowest of victories for Turnbull? 'Well, it's better to almost die than almost survive,' Pratt told us." (Not quite the party the party was expecting, Will Glascow & Christine Lacy, The Australian Business Review, 4/7/16)

Concerning Anthony Pratt, the Financial Review noted pointedly that:

"For the amount of loot the Pratts have raised for the Liberal Party, [Anthony Pratt] probably could've stood on stage with the PM's family if he'd only thought to ask in advance. Remember, the billionaire family have been major sponsors of Shorten's early political career... when he was married to the late Dick Pratt's goddaughter Deborah Beale. Visy must really want that corporate tax cut." (No sign of Middle Australia at Malcolm Turnbull's election party, Joe Aston, 3/7/16)

Of course... and Malcolm's unswerving devotion to all things Israel.

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