Thursday, June 30, 2016

Standing Up for What Matters*

Really, is there anything more annoying than political wannabes waffling on about a subject they clearly know nothing about?

I'm referring, this time around, to the Greens' Steph Hodgins-May, who's been doing just that on the subject of Palestine/Israel.


It's not as though Ms Hodgins-May has an excuse, mind you: she's been around now for 30 bloody years!


a) as "a former planning and environment lawyer" she's obviously tertiary-educated;
b) she's reportedly worked for the UN;
c) she's standing as an alternative to the LIBLAB duopoly; and
d) most atonishingly, she's put her hand up to run in the seat of Melbourne Ports against Labor's answer to Benjamin Netanyahu, Michael Danby.

Despite all that, this is the best she can come up with in response to a question from a card-carrying Zio as to what her position is on Palestine/Israel: 

"Sure, well the Australian Greens policy is that we support a peaceful, negotiated, two-state solution. We condemn all acts of violence and we oppose BDS. So that's the Greens' position and it's consistent with my views on the situation. It's an incredibly complex scenario what's going on in the Middle East and I wish I knew the answer to it, I really do, but what I do know is that... achieving peace there is not going to come down to what we are talking about in this election but please do understand that my view is consistent with the Greens' policy on this and I understand that the Labor Party's policy is also very similar and believes in a peaceful, negotiated, two-state solution in Israel/Palestine and we'll continue to support grass roots organisations that are working towards a peaceful outcome in the Middle East." (Greens candidate talks about her decision not to attend Zionism Victoria co-hosted debate,, 28/6/16)

Which may be summed up as: meaningless two-state mantra + put the guns & the BDS away, guys + gee whizz, it's all so difficult + anyway, our policy's the same as Danby's so what's your problem? + meaningless two-state mantra again + I don't know what I'm babbling about, but "grass roots organisations working towards peaceful outcomes" should keep this bloke happy.

Jeeesus, is it really too much to expect of a politically active, tertiary-educated, non-LibLab adult - taking on Danby of all people! - that she know something about this near-100 year old, headline-hogging colonial clusterfuck before opening her mouth on the subject in public?


[*Greens slogan]


Anonymous said...

What matters to the Greens, just like the others, is getting elected. Try phoning a Green MP seeking help on any legitimate concern, state or federal, and witness the 'Bums Rush'. They have it down to a fine art. Obviously the Israel lobby does not have this problem.

Mannie De Saxe said...

Neither Lee Rhiannon nor Alex Bhathal have responded to my emails about Palestine and the Greens' policies in relation to BDS and related issues. I wouldn't bother to vote for the Greens if it wasn't for the necessity of defeating David Feeney and Michael Danby. What a shame the Greens are no better than any of the others in the end.
I agree about the bum's rush!
I am disgusted and revolted!
Mannie De Saxe

Anonymous said...

Hmm Michael Danby

Israel firster
LNP seconder

Grappler said...

Slightly off topic, MERC, but I wanted to share this I just found.

"I did not manage to cross that night. Cold, dogs and nasty truck drivers were too big obstacles for me. I returned to Romania. Over the next year, the friendship of a group of Palestinian students in Romania helped me to survive. I tutored them. One of them, Suheil, was always there for me. He often bought food for me and he shared whatever he received from home with me. He eventually married a really nice Romanian girl. Many people treated her as a whore for loving a Palestinian - one of the kindest people I knew. I used to joke with her that she would have been treated better if she was Roma."

And these Palestinians will probably never be allowed back to their homeland. As the author says, "the stench of hypocrisy".