Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Desperate Zionist's Last Retort:

"The problem is that on a scale of 1 to 100 of world problems you obsess about one that deserves at most a 10 while ignoring the many which are much more important in terms of human misery and urgency, such as Syria. That's the hypocrisy of your type: the only people worthy of your attention are the Palestinians. The rest? Well, who cares? You don't have any time for them, sorry. Too busy obsessing about the Palestinians." (Comment from 'Angel',, 4/6/16)

And the perfect (edited) response from's amazing Annie Robbins:

"'Angel', sometimes solving a problem requires consistent effort. You may be correct in your assessment that, on any given day, there are worse humanitarian disasters than the Palestine problem. The fact is, there will always be days like that. For example, when a tsunami occurs, more people may die on a given day than in the whole 51 days of war on Gaza.

"But when you have a long-standing problem, such as the oldest refugee problem in the world, and an entire people deprived of the rights we take for granted for generation after generation, it really makes no sense, if your goal is to solve that problem, to drop it every time another one pops up. That's just a recipe for shoving it further down the road - which is why it has persisted for so long.

"Now that's not too hard to understand, is it? Besides, we've got governments which focus their energy and resources on those other problems, at the expense of solving the Palestine problem, so it's not as though these other problems are being ignored. Our Civil Rights movement, for example, would never have happened if Americans had focused solely on the most urgent human rights disasters of the 60s, such as the Vietnam War in which many more people were dying. The fact is, then as now, we are able to multitask our activism.

"We get it. You want us to ignore your pet project: Zionism. Not going to happen. With consistent pressure we will bring about change. It may be slow going at times, but we'll get there. No sense ignoring Palestine's 68-year-old Nakba because of Syria (5 years), Yemen, Libya or wherever. There will always be other human disasters. 'Look over there!' she said.

"To sum up: the appalling truth is that, despite a plethora of international problems, Antiangel chooses to obsess over protecting one particular criminal state (which deserves no sympathy whatever), while ignoring the human misery caused by that state, as well as those other disasters, many of which, such as in Syria and Iraq, it is complicit in. That's the hypocrisy of her type, and the whole Zionist crowd: the only people worthy of her attention are the perpetrators of the longest-running case of gross human rights violations on the planet. The rest? Well, who cares? She doesn't have any time for them, sorry. Too busy obsessing about protecting Israel.


Grappler said...

The issue is our utter hypocrisy about Israel. We in the West do not support (or at least claim not to support) criminal activities by other countries. Which other country that, on a daily basis, flouts international law and humanitarian rights, and lies to the world that the victim is to blame, is not only given a pass by our politicians and media, but is lauded? The politicians of which other such country are welcomed and have supreme access to the corridors of power in the West? The leader of which other such country is treated as something close to God in the US, the security apparatus of which regard it as one of its major threats. About which such other country are we constantly being told we should emulate its culture? And then we have to ask "Why?".

MERC said...

G, Annie Robbins quality!

Grappler said...

Agreed MERC and so are you! I read MW every day - just before or after MERC!

Vacy said...

BAM!! Great shot Annie bringing down a zionist in angel clothing. Sometimes reading comments is more enlightening that the article...except yours Merc.