Friday, December 16, 2016

Compare & Contrast:

1) "Long after the West has defeated Islamic State, the jihadist threat will remain. For the past 40 years, Western immigration policy has been based on multicultural ideology. Its consequence is clear, Islamism has become a Western condition. Successive governments have diluted Western values to the point where they are no longer taught in schools. The result is a population unschooled in the genius of our civilisation whose youth cannot understand why it is worth defending. Multicultural ideology must give way to a renaissance of western civilisation in which Australian exceptionalism is celebrated and Islamism is sent packing." (West proves not all cultures are equal, Jennifer Oriel, The Australian, 12/12/16)

2) "The Austria-Hungary of before the First World War was a mosaic or, perhaps, better, a crazy quilt, of peoples: of Austrians and Hungarians and Czechs and Slovaks, of Poles, Italians and Ukrainians and of a score of other nationalities. The Austrians and Hungarians held the others in a bondage that was all-too-strait. But it was not strait enough for Hitler. There was much in this pre-war Austria-Hungary, in fact, of which this strange youth from the provinces disapproved, much he bitterly hated... What was principally wrong with Austria-Hungary nationally, these [Viennese middle class] views held, was that the 'superior' 'Nordic' and Germanic Austrians, instead of constituting a worthy component part of the neighboring Reich, as they should have done, ruling, as such, the 'inferior' peoples around them, were instead allowing the 'inferior' nationalities to insist upon their own identities as peoples, to urge their national pretensions and, indeed, to challenge the rule of their Germanic masters and even threaten the ruling nation's very existence." (People Under Hitler: What Personal Life is Like Where the Nazis Rule, Wallace R. Deuel, 1942, pp 70-71)


Grappler said...

I part company with Oriel in the first sentence. Since when was Russia part of "the West"?

Grappler said...

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