Saturday, December 3, 2016

Murdoch's Australian: What Lurks Within

Anthony Klan is a 'journalist' for Murdoch's Australian.

1) Here's the opening line of his recent "EXCLUSIVE," Federal cash 'went to Hamas' (28/11/16)

"The Australian government has been one of the largest funders of the Hamas terror organisation in Gaza over the past seven years, Israeli authorities allege."

2) Now here's the explanatory footnote at the end of the article:

"The author travelled to Israel with the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies as part of a journalists delegation from November 5-10. He stayed in Israel self-funded for two weeks, during which time he researched and produced this article."

3) The first and last columns of Klan's 6-column article enclose a commentary by the Australian's Paul Maley, (Why one man's arrest is such a big deal for our nation) on the arrest of Australian Islamic State groupie Neil Prakash.

Take-home question:

Having noted just these three features of Klan's piece, do we really need to read the thing?


Grappler said...

I suspect Klan is talking about this story - right MERC? I won't subscribe to the Australian.

A somewhat less Zionist-centric piece by Klan casts some doubt on the allegations:

But note the mention of the (terror) tunnels! And recall that they were used only to target IDF personnel - not civilians - unlike the bombs on Gaza.

And here's a better report.

Grappler said...

Off topic, MERC, but of interest to Australians is this:

While it is always important to question the validity of articles in the media these days, this one does not seem to be controversial in that respect.

It was also claimed thast Australian aircraft were involved in the action against the Syrian Army on 17 Sept.

Are they being withdrawn? And if not, why not?

Interestingly on this RAAF website:

in describing Operation OKRA, it says "Australia's contribution is being closely coordinated with the Iraqi and Syrian government, Gulf nations and a broad coalition of international partners."

I have my doubts about any coordination with the Syrian Government.