Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bill Leak's Middle East

Are you ready for more "wicked fun"? Can you take any more "brilliant insights"? Here's Bill Leak's Middle East.

November 19, 2012:

An Israeli soldier and a Hamas 'militant' are facing off. The former is pointing his rifle at the 'militant'. The latter is aiming his RPG at the Israeli. Their concentration is disrupted by a journalist (?) running towards them, holding a copy of The Australian aloft. "Hold your fire!" he shouts, "Bob Carr's called for restraint on BOTH sides!!" The caption: "The Lion lies down with the Lamb."

Sooo wickedly funny, eh?

And what brilliant insight! I mean, where do I begin?

First, whatever is going on over there, it takes two to tango. And the two are as evenly matched as duelists.

Second, the sheer absurdity of Bob Carr even daring to pronounce on the matter. As if these two are going to listen to him! (If Tony or Jules had commented, however, that'd be a different matter.)

Third, this scrap's been going on, like, since the Book of Revelation at least. Nothing whatever to do with settler-colonialism and apartheid, and all that guff. This goes way back.

So there you go, Palestine/Israel in a nutshell! What more do you need to know?

February 24, 2017:

Netanyahu's visit. To the left, Bob Hawke, wearing a FREE PALESTINE t-shirt, and Kevin Rudd are holding up a Palestinian flag. On the right, Trumble and Bibi stride past, Trumble looking straight ahead and without comment, Bibi turning his head and remarking, "Silly old buggers."

Funny! I nearly pissed myself! And as for insight, how cool is Bibi?

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