Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Just Another ALP Show Phony

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Senator Penny Wong 17/9/16 Time for leaders to speak up#leadership

"Nobody needs to defend Pauline Hanson's right to speak. Leadership is about defending those without a voice. Those Pauline Hanson is attacking." Senator Penny Wong


"Penny Wong, the new Foreign Affairs spokesperson for the ALP, has said nothing at all [about the US-backed, Saudi-led, genocidal war on Yemen]. In response to media queries sent to the offices of Plibersek and Wong, I received a response from Stephen Spencer, the media adviser to Wong. He sent me what he said was 'Labor's position on Yemen'. It read:

'Labor is deeply concerned by the conflict in Yemen and the attacks on civilians, schools and hospitals. Labor condemns all violence and urges restraint from all parties. Labor calls on both sides of the Saudi Arabian-Yemeni conflict, the Houthis and the pro-government forces, to de-escalate the conflict and resume negotiations, consistent with UN Security Council resolution 2216. Labor calls on both sides of the Saudi Arabian-Yemeni conflict to restore peace, security and stability to Yemen and the region.'

"This is the only thing they have said about the war on Yemen. They did not release it publicly. The only record of it, until this article, was in the email sent to me." (Penny for her thoughts: ALP changes stance on Yemen from silence to waffly garbage, Michael Brull,, 29/3/17 )

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